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Having recently informed you that Apple will be introducing new advertising positions in the App Store, there are now further signs that Apple is looking to expand its advertising business. It is said that sales with advertising should be tripled.

Report: Apple plans to triple advertising revenue

Over the weekend, Apple insider Mark Gurman latest edition published in his PowerOn newsletter. In this he talks about the fact that Apple Vice President for Advertising Platforms Todd Teresi has made it his goal to generate a double-digit billion amount with the advertising business. The manufacturer currently has a turnover of around 4 billion dollars with advertising. A double-digit billion amount would mean at least a tripling.

It goes on to say that Apple is testing already sponsored search results in Apple Maps. Similar to the App Store Search Ads program, sponsored search results may also appear in the Maps app. This could certainly be easily extended to Apple Books or Apple Podcasts as well.

Apple is currently generating advertising revenue through various measures. There are not only ads in the App Store, but also in Apple News and the Apple Stocks app. Apple also sells commercials during MLB Friday Night Baseball streams.

Advertising has always been a bigger topic at Apple in recent years. In 2010, Apple announced co-founders iAds. This allowed developers to place advertising banners in apps. However, the iAds were not as successful as Apple had hoped. For this reason, the whole thing was discontinued a few years later.

Our opinion? Advertising is basically not a bad thing and the current advertising positions were placed discreetly in the App Store. However, as a company, you shouldn’t push the whole thing too far and overload all apps with advertising.



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