Another milestone for Messi –

This weekend, with the start of Ligue 1, Messi managed to score two goals (one from a bicycle kick) and an assist against Clermont. With these two goals and the assist, Messi would have exceeded 1,000 goal contributions with the clubs. The vast majority of these goals and assists have been achieved with Barcelona, ​​in which he has developed practically his entire career (except last season and this new one that is beginning). The most notable fact is that he is the top scorer in the Spanish league, with 474 goals. Another of the great data is that he is the second highest scorer in the Champions League (123), only behind Cristiano Ronaldo (139).

Messi has always shown that, despite not being a center forward, he is a great goalscorer. But in addition to being one of the best scorers in history, he has also shown that he is one of the best assists. According to Transfermarktof the 812 games played between Barcelona and PSG, Messi has added a total of 684 goals and has distributed 318 assists.

After this last game, Messi has achieved another record that is within the reach of very few, showing that he is a unique player. But this figure is going to continue to increase, since the domestic competitions have just started and the whole season remains. In addition to the fact that it will not be Messi’s last season.

Now, if he wants to continue breaking records, he will have to try to be the top scorer in the Champions League, being only 16 goals behind his greatest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, who if his situation does not change, this year he will not play in the top European competition.



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