Ancelotti: “There is no doubt about Benzema’s Ballon d’Or”

“A very important player. He is a team leader. If we’re here, it’s largely due to you. He has finished the season well and now for the Ballon d’Or; is there any doubt about this? I think no one has any doubts about this, but in football anything can happen”, he said after the match on Movistar +.

In addition, the Italian coach analyzed the match: “It tastes good. It has not been an easy match, especially at the beginning because they were very close and we found it difficult to increase the pace of the match. Always at the beginning of the season you can’t be at your best, but we’ve handled it well and I’m happy to start the season well”, he declared.

“We started well. have a good atmosphere can help you have better results and better game. The atmosphere is good; Winning helps to be motivated and have enthusiasm”, she completed.

Ancelotti closed the interview by announcing that he will rotate for the first LaLiga Santander match next Sunday in Almeria (22:00 CEST, M-2 GMT): “The changes were to finish the game. We are going to have a game where those who have not played today are going to play; on Sunday I am going to freshen up the team a bit, ”he assured.



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