An unpublished video shows what caused the violent reaction of the Uruguayan from Liverpool

It was the expected start. After his goals in his first matchesthe Uruguayan Darwin Núñez played for the first time as a starter in Liverpoolwhich put the Benfica 75 million dollars to buy it. Although, a header to a rival condemned him to expulsion and criticism from the club of him, a video that circulates on social networks helps to understand the reaction that the striker had.

The image of Núñez’s header against the defender danish from Crystal Palace Joachim Andersen goes around the world. But the problem had started before the referee gave him a red card 12 minutes into the second half for aiming directly at his rival’s chin.

However, the behind the scenes was missing: everything that had happened between Núñez and Andersen from the first minute of the game, something that social networks were in charge of unmasking with an unpublished video that collects those plays.

It is true that the Dane was in charge of marking him up close, even pushing him, but the Uruguayan had already hinted that the fight could go further.

In a hand-to-hand fight, Núñez banked the first attacks and only responded with insults until he brought out a repertoire of behaviors far removed from fair play: he committed a harsh infraction downstairs, he slapped him, pecheo and even tried to nod him with the back of his head.

“I was being provoked”said the german Jürgen Klopp, who didn’t even look at the Uruguayan when he left the field. Although the DT later supported him in the press conference, he also warned him: “Darwin already knows that this is not the reaction he has to have. The centrals will do that to him, but that is not the reaction.”

His teammate Virgil van Dijk was not far behind and although he stressed that they support him as a team, he remarked that “it needs to be controlled”. “You have to know that these things happen, especially in the Premier League. This will be a lesson and we hope it doesn’t happen again,” she said.

KO. Joachim Andersen, on the floor after Núñez’s header. Photo REUTERS/Peter Powell

The truth is Núñez fell into the trap set by Andersenwho rehearsed a spectacular fall when receiving a header that did not seem as hard as he led him to believe.

The reality is that the striker will have to watch the classic from home with Manchester United at Old Trafford on Monday, while their rival will be able to play at home against Aston Villa this Saturday.



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