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August 8 is my country’s 14th “National Fitness Day”. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has vigorously promoted the reform and development of sports, raised national fitness to a national strategy, and promoted the deep integration of national fitness and national health.

National fitness, what sense of gain and happiness do the masses have, and what are their expectations and wishes? Please follow reporters from all over the world to find the answers in this picture scroll of the era of “I exercise, I am happy”.

【Observation by reporters】

Along the “National Fitness Road”, running towards health and happiness

Guangming Daily reporter Zhang Sheng Gao Jianjin Ren Shuang Su Yan

Busy basketball courts, vibrant squares, fitness trails suitable for all ages… To feel the pulse and vitality of a city, you must check out these “steaming” fitness venues.

Nowadays, the constantly renovated and upgraded national fitness facilities and prosperous mass sports events have made more and more people move and laugh, and life is more enjoyable and steaming.

The first Helan Mountain National Mountaineering Competition was held in Ningxia Helan Mountain National Forest Park, and hiking enthusiasts were in the competition.Xinhua News Agency

Along the

The dragon boat team participated in the dragon boat race on the Gongshui River in Xuan’en County, Hubei Province.Xinhua News Agency

“15-minute fitness circle” measures the happiness radius of the people

In the early morning of August 3, the semi-finals of the Qiandongnan Division of the “Beautiful Countryside” Basketball League in Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province came to an end. In Qiandongnan, Guizhou, the basketball game has become the most lively event in the “Eat New Festival” activity on June 6 of the Miao lunar calendar. The basketball league, which is called “Village BA” by netizens, has played an international style, relying on the practical measures that Guizhou has implemented over the years to implement the national fitness strategy and fully promote the construction of the “six around” project of national fitness.

In Fuzhou, Fujian, the 2022 “National Fitness Day” themed demonstration activity – “Provincial Fitness Walkers Wanli Fudao Health Walk” is under intense preparations. Ye Desheng, secretary of the party group and director of the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau, who was busy at the scene, told reporters that Fujian actively promotes the construction of sports parks and fitness trails. As of now, the province has a total of 8,891.52 kilometers of various fitness “blessed roads”, which has greatly improved the public’s Happiness index.

In order to solve the fitness “difficulty in venues”, the central government has continuously improved the system design, and the local governments have continued to speed up practice and exploration. Guided by the “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of National Fitness Venues and Facilities to Develop Mass Sports” issued by the State Office, and the “Opinions on Building a Higher-level National Fitness Public Service System” issued by the China Office In the process of revitalization, all localities continue to build “15-minute fitness circles” in urban and rural areas, extending the “last meter” serving the people’s fitness to their doorsteps.

From “walking around the ridge” to “walking along the waterfront greenway”, in the small square in the center of Lotus Town, Jiande, Zhejiang, the bustling crowd danced to music.

In Changchun, Jilin, citizen Cai Dongting is taking her family to do outdoor sports. The Yitong River, which was once foul-smelling at the door of the house, has become clear and sparkling. The riverside park rises from the ground, and the fitness trail along the river slowly spreads. “Everyone looks at the beautiful scenery along the river, and no longer has to worry about where to exercise.” Cai Dongting told reporters while jogging.

Looking at the land of the state, in the urban blocks, there are “frisbee fever”, “marathon fever” and “bicycle fever”, and the heat flow marks the temperature breadth of national fitness; in the vast fields, “people’s gyms” have opened their doors to meet the fitness needs of farmers.

“In recent years, from the central finance to the local finances, the construction of fitness facilities has been increased.” Zou Xinxian, director of the Public Administration Teaching and Research Office of Beijing Sports University and chief expert on the development of Beijing Winter Olympics culture and ice and snow sports, believes that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China , the national strategy of national fitness has been implemented in depth, the contradiction between the supply of public services for national fitness and the growing needs of the people has been continuously reduced, the venues and facilities have been significantly improved, and the degree of participation in national fitness has continued to increase.

“Fitness menu” and “exercise prescription” to stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses for sports

Online for more than 90 days, more than 100 events have been launched, and the number of direct participants has reached more than 11.6 million… Since its launch on April 28 this year, the National Fitness Online Games has handed over a dazzling transcript. It is understood that the “sports meeting” has carried out more than 100 events and hundreds of events such as shuttlecock, rope skipping, curling, chess and cards, and presented a rich “fitness menu” to the masses.

In the past few days, Wu Chenguang, a young man from Henan, sighed in his WeChat Moments: “Although the ‘Cloud Walk Qilu’ is over, I still want to continue to exercise and use every solid step to meet the most beautiful scenery in life.” He mentioned, It is the third “Cloud Walk Qilu” online walking activity for 10,000 people. 584,000 people signed up for the event, 11,000 teams were formed, the total number of check-in kilometers was nearly 20.93 million kilometers, and the check-in rate of 100% exceeded 63,000. In addition to Shandong, this national fitness event also attracted people from 25 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Liaoning, Chongqing, and Beijing.

After the Tokyo Olympics, many Chinese athletes who have returned from the stadium have become star trainers who guide the public to exercise on the Internet, attracting many young netizens. For example, Zhang Yufei, a famous Chinese swimmer and champion of the Tokyo Olympic Games, successfully “out of the circle” and became a “private coach for the whole people”, bringing everyone a full-fledged physical fitness class.

On the one hand, online sports are unprecedentedly popular, and on the other hand, the coverage of offline fitness facilities for the whole people continues to increase, and various mass events and activities are blooming. The fiery practice in real life superimposes the magnification effect of cyberspace, making the “big garden” of national fitness more colorful.

In this “big garden”, there are still such a group of people – more than 2.7 million social sports instructors who make sports fitness “guided”. “They have become an important force in promoting national fitness.” Gu Xiaohua, a national first-level social sports instructor and director of the Suzhou Social Sports Instructors Association in Jiangsu Province, was deeply touched: “Today, there are more than 39,700 social sports instructors at all levels in the city, with every 10,000 people. With 44 members, many citizens have been driven by their enthusiasm and professionalism to join the national fitness team.”

The reporter learned that in order to provide people with more scientific “exercise prescriptions”, the General Administration of Sports of the People’s Republic of China, together with the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, etc., jointly carried out scientific research on national fitness with relevant scientific research units, launched a number of popular science works, and developed multiple sets of fitness. Methods, and organize national team and provincial team athletes to enter primary and secondary schools and communities to carry out fitness guidance services, and promote the sharing of competitive sports achievements by the whole people.

Advocate the concept of friendship for all ages, and join hands to move towards a healthy China

On a hot summer day, in the Wangjiang Road campus of Daoxiang Village Primary School in Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, coaches such as roller skating, football, and table tennis gathered together. “At present, the school has received technical support and venue support from all walks of life, and more than 1,000 students in the school have more abundant and convenient options for extracurricular activities.” Xue Hong, executive principal of Wangjiang Road Campus of Daoxiang Village Primary School Education Group, introduced.

For Fujian walking expert Chen Hui, walking is economical and safe and suitable for all ages. She has been walking 8 to 10 kilometers every day since she joined the old sports association walking team with sticks in 2019, and organized team walking training.

The 36-year-old Jia Juntingxian suffered from congenital eye disease and blindness in both eyes. Sports became her first track to realize her self-worth. In September 2016, she won the gold medal in the women’s T11-T13 4×100-meter relay event at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics. She retired the following year and returned to her hometown as a special education teacher. “I have received help from many people since I was a child. I want to pass on this love, so that more disabled friends can feel the sunshine and warmth in sports,” she said.

In the past few days, the cultural auditorium of Daijia Village, Lianhua Town, Jiande, Hangzhou has been very lively. More than 60 martial arts enthusiasts from all over the province are conducting a Tai Chi Push Hand referee training and skill test. “Inheriting martial arts culture requires understanding the essence of Taoism, morality, ritual, and harmony behind it.” Deng Linlin, chairman of Jiande Wushu Association and “Literary Village Chief” of Lianhua Town, believes that more people should understand martial arts, learn Martial arts further enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life…

In recent years, various localities have been exploring to create “one product in one place, one product in one village” characteristic brands of farmers’ cultural and sports, developing sports with agriculture-related characteristics suitable for different groups of people and with different regional characteristics, and promoting traditional Chinese sports such as martial arts, dragon boat, and health qigong. Rural revitalization injects vitality.

Today, national fitness also resonates at the same frequency and intertwines with the economy, people’s livelihood, education, culture and other undertakings, and jointly supports the people’s happy and beautiful life. “On the road to common prosperity, we must continue to advocate the concept of friendship for all ages, focus on protecting the sports rights and interests of vulnerable groups such as the elderly and the disabled, and make national fitness a common way of life.” said Wang Xueli, director of the Sports Industry Development Research Center of Tsinghua University.

Along the

Citizens kick the shuttlecock in Xiangjiang Park in Harbin, Heilongjiang.Xinhua News Agency

Along the

Competitors ride during the 14th Tour of Limu Lake Road Cycling Race in Xinjiang, China.Xinhua News Agency

【Expert Reviews】

Under the concept of big health, national fitness has become popular

author:Xie Zhigang(Special researcher of Beijing Research Center for Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Director of Beijing Sports University News Center)

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has taken meeting the people’s fitness needs and promoting people’s all-round development as the starting point and end point of sports work, raising national fitness as a national strategy, and promoting national fitness and national health. fusion. In the past 10 years, national fitness facilities have been significantly improved, mass sports events have flourished, national fitness participation has been continuously improved, and people’s lifestyles have become more civilized and healthy. “Sports make life better” has become a hot reality.

Standing at the historical intersection of the “two centenary” goals, national fitness presents a new era of characteristics.

First, the two national strategies of national fitness and healthy China are closely linked and deeply integrated. The concept of “exercise is a good doctor” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the integration of sports and health, and the integration of sports and tourism are gradually deepening. People have changed from “I want to exercise” to “I want to exercise”, and active fitness and scientific fitness are gradually integrated into their daily lives. By the end of 2021, the proportion of people who regularly participate in physical exercise will reach 37.2%. Second, focus on the pain points of the people’s fitness needs, and quickly fill in the shortcomings of “hardware” and “software”. By the end of 2021, there will be 3.971 million sports venues nationwide, with a sports venue area of ​​3.41 billion square meters and a per capita sports venue area of ​​2.41 square meters, an increase of 134.3%, 71.2% and 65.1% over 2013 respectively. “It has become a good place for daily exercise, and more sports venues are open to the society for free or low fees. In the coverage of fitness projects, a large number of activities that are convenient for the people, benefit the people, and benefit the people appear around the people, and sports such as ice and snow sports that have been strongly influenced by regions in the past have achieved leapfrog development. Third, new technology empowers national fitness. With the blessing of 5G technology, cloud live broadcasts and short videos are developing rapidly, and various fashionable sports equipment and software platforms are lowering the threshold for sports and making people’s lives more and more distant. the closer.

Sports is not only the meaning of a country’s prosperity, but also the foundation of an individual’s happy life; it is not only an important driving force for promoting economic and social development, but also a platform window to display the country’s cultural soft power. On the new journey, to continue to promote the in-depth development of national fitness, we must better understand the value and significance of national fitness. For individuals, fitness is the most affordable health investment; for society, national fitness is the most inclusive public service; National, national fitness can improve the health level of the whole nation, promote the progress of social civilization, and promote the all-round development of people.

Looking at the whole country, the vigorous and fiery national fitness movement has not only made people healthier physically and mentally, but has also become a good recipe for people to boost their spirits; the happiness, self-confidence, and openness brought about by sports contain magnificent positive energy, which is a great source of energy for the people. National rejuvenation injects new spiritual vitality and development momentum.

On the road to common prosperity, we must firmly establish the concept of big sports and big health, improve the health literacy of the whole people, and continue to promote the deep integration of national fitness and national health with practical measures. We believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, national fitness will become a common practice and become a popular social trend.

【One-line narrative】

Climb and feel the beauty of mountains and rivers

Narrator: Wang Yong, President of Ningxia Yinchuan Mountaineering Association

“Ningxia Chuan is sharp at both ends. The Yellow River is in the east and Helan Mountain is in the west.” Like many mountaineering and hiking enthusiasts, we like to treat the top of the mountain and the river as a natural gym. Just a few days ago, at the National Mass Fitness Mountaineering Conference and the First Helan Mountain National Mountaineering Competition, mountaineering enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in Yinchuan and set off towards the mountains and rivers.

In 2013, my friends and I founded the Yinchuan Mountaineering Association, and the number of members has grown from dozens to more than 25,000 today. In recent years, the government has taken the lead in holding a series of activities such as the National Mass Fitness Mountaineering Conference, the “I’m Going” National Hiking Linkage Day, and the Helan Mountain Star Camping Conference, and the association has actively participated in it.

In response to the call of national fitness, the association also organized the theme hiking activities of “Fenghuo Great Wall” and “My Yellow River”, and planned to walk all the routes of the Great Wall and the Ningxia section of the Yellow River in two years. The association also actively participates in the ecological protection along the Great Wall and the Yellow River, and encourages everyone to pick up the rubbish left in mountain climbing and hiking by redeeming points for gifts and activity coupons, so as to jointly protect the beautiful environment.

Next, we plan to launch 40 series of hiking activities, “Discover the Beauty of Ningxia” and “My Hometown and Me”, to let more people know about this great place in Ningxia.

【One-line narrative】

fitness, stay in good shape

Narrator: Internet fitness expert Wang Jing

The reason why I participate in online fitness teaching is not only because I majored in physical education in university, but also because I have rich working experience. From fitness trainer, sports course designer, coach trainer to training director in a fitness institution, these experiences contain my original intention – to let more people have a good body and posture.

After the Spring Festival in 2019, I started to share sports and fitness videos online. Unexpectedly, it only took 3 months to make a lot of explosions. Later, when the new crown pneumonia epidemic hit, I took a lot of sports and fitness videos that can be trained at home, and the response was good. Some fans left a message suggesting that I start a live broadcast. Now, just turn on the phone and you can find me – everyone’s “handheld private education”. I also set up a fitness class online, and established a fat-reducing and shaping camp to allow more people to move.

Thanks to this good era, let us plug in the wings of the Internet to ride the wind and let more people benefit from scientific sports for life.

message board

Over the years, in order to let the elderly in the village have fun, we have built a gate court. In order to attract the elderly to participate, we organized teams to play games and raised funds to buy sports equipment for the elderly. Due to the low threshold for playing croquet, the enthusiasm of the elderly to participate is getting higher and higher. Nowadays, the old people gather in the gate court whenever they have time to play and chat, which is very popular. A small goal kick makes the old people move and make them happy.

——Yan Ju, director of security at Xianfeng Village, Xiaogushan Town, Yitong Manchu Autonomous County, Jilin Province

Our school is located in an industrial area on the outskirts of the city. Parents are busy with work, and many students have become “little buns” under the doting of their grandparents. Since the implementation of the “double reduction” policy for a year, the school has arranged various forms of inter-class exercises, such as table tennis exercises and fancy rope skipping. Physical education teachers set up interest classes after class to take children to practice basketball, badminton, etc. This summer, many children teamed up to go back to school to play football. The summer campus was full of laughter and laughter. Seeing each “little fat pier” become strong and vigorous, teachers and parents were all overjoyed.

——Wang Gongqin, Vice Principal of Longtang School, Feidong County, Anhui Province

After retirement, I passed the exam and became a social sports instructor, teaching Tai Chi and Health Qigong in parks and squares every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Unexpectedly, many young people also actively participated. Now, people exercising can be seen everywhere in parks, squares, and under city walls. I am really happy to see more and more people moving.

——Gu Xiaohua, national first-level social sports instructor and director of Suzhou Social Sports Instructors Association of Jiangsu Province

I often walk along the trails built along the mountains. Walking through the mountains and forests, there are not only slow road networks, but also landscape scenery. “China under the toes” is so beautiful and refreshing. This year, I participated in the “National Fitness and the Winter Olympics” held in Gushan, the New Year’s hiking activity, and the 10,000-person walking activity held on Feifeng Mountain. Every weekend, I will organize hiking in the surrounding mountains and cross-country, which not only improves my physical fitness, More can feel the beauty of mountains and rivers.

——He Yong, a fitness expert in Fujian Province

(Project team: Guangming Daily reporters Zhang Sheng, Wang Jianhong, Zhang Wenpan, Ren Shuang, Gao Jianjin, Su Yan, Chen Guanhe, Wang Simin, Guangming Daily reporter Liu Xiyao, Guangming Daily correspondents Xu Mengling, Yang Yunjie)

“Guangming Daily” (August 08, 2022 Edition 07)

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