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Pen & camera = Yoji Takeshita, Hideki Suzuki, Yasushi Inoue Competition Day 3

Eight games of the third round were held at Jingu Stadium in Tokyo. In the match between Nakajo Blue Impulse (Ishikawa) and Kyokuryo Baseball Boy Scouts (Hokkaido Kita), Nakajo captain Shigeru Hattori achieved a perfect match. The previous year’s champions, the Nagasone Strongs (Osaka), defeated the 37th tournament champions, the Higashi 16-chome Flippers (Hokkaido South). In the Kanto region, four teams entered the final eight. On the 12th, the quarterfinals will be held at the same stadium and Machida Onoji Stadium.

◆ Mito Rays boasts no hitters

Mito Rays loses and loses their shoulders (photographed by Koshiro Hirano)

It was a magical first inning. The Mito Rays (Ibaraki) pitchers are caught by the Fukagawa Giants (Tokyo 2) batting lineup. With 9 hits including 3, areyo areyo gave up 11 runs.

Originally, I had confidence in my batting line. In the semi-finals at the Ibaraki tournament, he overturned a 3-point lead in the final round. In the final, despite being behind by 6 points in the first inning, he won a come-from-behind victory. Even in this tournament, the first round was 14-0, and the second round was also 7-0. The pitching and batting were perfect, and I went into the game of the day, but the large number of goals conceded in the first time was too big. “The batting line was better than I expected. I couldn’t stop it. But we were able to win two games, and when we lose, I think this is better. It’s frustrating if we lose by one point. Hahaha.” I was speaking.

Red Suns come-from-behind win Oshio wins final

In the top of the 4th inning, Fujiyama of the Red Suns strikes a timely hit to tie the score with a 2-run hit and makes a fist pump.

The Red Suns (Tokyo Daiichi) showed their tenacity and overcame Hara Club (Hiroshima) to reach the top eight.

In the top of the 4th inning, he gave up 3 runs in the first inning, but in the top of the 4th inning, he scored 2 runs. Two people survived. In addition, the third hitter, Takuma Oshio, doubled in the middle of the left to win the game.

Takumi Fujihira, the starting pitcher, walked two balls from the beginning in the first inning, and Issey Fujimori rushed to the mound. He continued to pitch tenaciously against the power hitters who had won the first and second rounds by a wide margin. Fujiyama continued to pitch in the 5th inning because he exceeded the pitch limit of 70 pitches. He showed good relief to keep a clean sheet.

Issei Fujimori, who had three hits that day, said, “The opponent was a candidate for the title. I was prepared for a difficult development. In the fourth inning, I went into the bat with a strong desire to recover my run. The moment I won, I believed in everyone and I was glad I came.” I thought, I want to aim for the top when I come this far.” He threw 70 pitches in the first round and 40 pitches in the second. Fujiyama, who hit the tie at the end and rescued him at the end, was shy, saying, “I was able to win with everyone’s power.”

Director Kenji Kadota said, “I thought we couldn’t win easily, but when we conceded 3 goals in the first inning, I thought, ‘Wow!’ ) threw hard. I thought that Fujiyama, who hit a tie in the 4th inning, would be a hero today, so I entrusted him with the final mound. .

◆Nagasone 8th peak Good visibility! !

The Nagasone Strongs, who are aiming for an unprecedented 8th victory, defeated the strong opponent, the Higashi 16-chome Flippers.

Like two of the favorites to win the championship, they fought back with good defense, showing no gap between them. Nagasone’s powerful batting line struggled against Reito Sagara, the starting pitcher of the Flippers, who continues to pitch “the best this season”, and even with long-hitting hits, the Flippers’ outfielders’ good defense “prevented two or three doubles” ( Directed by Nagasone and Taiju Kumada).

Still, in the bottom of the 5th when a runner came out on a walk, Kumada made a move. “He’s the only one here,” he sent Koshin Okamoto as a pinch hitter, and he hit left front in response to the appointment. The following No. 1, Yuuhi Asada hit a timely hit to break the balance. The Nagasone batting line does not end there. Rui Kobori followed with a 2-run double, and captain Kanta Yamaguchi hit the finishing 2-run shot over the left field fence.

Okamoto said, “I entered the turn at bat with the feeling of returning the runner myself.” Captain Yamaguchi, who is active in pitching and batting, relaxed his cheeks, saying, “I thought that if I relaxed even just a little, I could be beaten. I’m glad I won.”

A perfect match on a big stage. The fielders support the first strikeout with good defense. Nakajo Blue Impulse, Naru Hattori

Nakajo Blue Impulse (Ishikawa) starting pitcher Sei Hattori (pictured) achieved a perfect game by blocking the Kyoryo Baseball Boys’ (Hokkaido Kita) batting line.

Hattori, who said he was conscious “from about the middle of the third inning,” said, “I’ve never played a perfect game before. , “I was able to make changes in speed, adjust the count, and at the end I was able to get stuck in a straight line and beat it,” he said with a big smile.

I tried pitching once when I was in the third grade, but I couldn’t get the strikes I wanted, so I changed to catcher once. returned to He now asserts that he is “confident in control”. Looking to the future, he said, “I pitch with the intention of winning every game I pitch.

Regarding the content of a complete game with only one strikeout, manager Yukio Kurachi said, “He doesn’t walk, so it’s a pattern to let him hit. I think the growth of the team that didn’t make any mistakes is great. The side that was helped by the opponent’s fast hitting. There is also, and the ball was hit in the front and it was good in terms of flow.”

▽ 3rd round

◆Jingu Stadium◆

Toyokami Juniors (Chiba)
Iwase Dragons (Toyama)
(time out 5 times)

(Yutaka) Yukiyasu Tsuneda, Rikuto Watanabe, Yuuki Yamazaki, Tora Kaneda-Masaya Yabuuchi, Tsuneda
(Rock) Motoki Hachimachi, Rintaro Yasuda, So Morita-Shomei Kurumatani
Home run Haruto Arai (Yutaka)

Kumagaya Green Town (Saitama)
Wakiichi Lagoon West Baseball Boy Scouts (Akita)

(Kuma) Ritsu Satomi, Yu Kobata, Tora Shinfuji – Raimu Shihoda
(Aside) Koichiro Suzuki, Seira Harada, Shinya Amano-Rusei Kato
Home run Shihoda (bear)

Mikazuki Sluggers (Saga)
Shinya Stars (Osaka)

(3) Riku Onizaki, Naoto Kamura and Atsunori Hashimura
(New) Ren Ueno, Dan Shiotani-Kotaro Yamamoto

Fukagawa Giants (Tokyo 2)
Mito Rays (Ibaraki)

(Deep) Minoru Tsuchida, Leo Takabayashi, Kodai Kaneko-Shintaro Sakamoto
(Wednesday) Kanta Tomita, Yodai Tomita, Kiichi Saito, Kan Tomita-Souma Ouchi
Home run: Ryusei Kawamoto 2, Takabayashi, Koju Haku (Deep), Yo Tomita (Wednesday)

◆ Toei Komazawa Stadium ◆

Red Sands (Tokyo 1)
Hara Club (Hiroshima)
(time out 5 times)

(l) Takumi Fujihira, Issei Fujimori, Shota Fujiyama-Shota Komagata
(Hara) Kimura (Itohen ni 柬), Daisuke Ishii – Ishii, Kinbayashi Hakuto

Nakajo Blue Impulse (Ishikawa)
Asahiryo Baseball Boy Scouts (Hokkaido North)

(Middle) Hattori Naruto – Xiang Keishiro
(Asahi) Yudai Takiguchi, Takenari Maeda-Hideto Oka

◆Ota Stadium◆

Higashi 16-chome Flippers (Hokkaido South)
Nagasone Strongs (previous year winner)

(East) Reito Sagara-Raito Matsuda
(Chair) Kanta Yamaguchi, Koshiro Okada – Takashi Okada, Yamaguchi
Home run Yamaguchi (long)

AKT Joto Baseball Corps (Ehime)
Echizen New Heroes (Fukui)

(A) Kanomu Watanabe, Kouma Tsubosaka, Tetsuo Aono-Ryusei Kasahara, Tsubosaka
(Vietnam) Koki Yonezawa, Kaichi Nakahashi, Souma Yamamoto-Sho Yamamoto, Shomu Yonezawa
Home run Nakahashi (Koshi)

◇Today’s Card

[Competition Day 4, Quarterfinals]

◇Toei Komazawa Stadium

▽ 1st match 8:30

Nagasone Strongs (previous year winner) – Toyokami Juniors (Chiba)

▽ 2nd game 10:25

Kumagaya Green Town (Saitama) – Echizen New Heroes (Fukui)

◇Onoji Park Ballpark

▽ 1st match 8:30

Red Suns (Tokyo 1) – Nakajo Blue Impulse (Ishikawa)

▽ 2nd game 10:25

Shinya Stars (Osaka) – Fukagawa Giants (Tokyo 2)

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