Alejandro Irarragorri: “The capital increase has immediate effects on the salary cap”

Alejandro Irarragorri, president of the Board of Directors of Sporting, was this morning at the Mareo facilities to accompany Mikel Arriola, president of Liga MX, on his visit to the city. The Orlegi Sports strongman confirmed that the extension “has immediate effects on the salary cap”; He also referred to the open negotiations with the City Council to extend Mareo’s rental contract, which expires in 2026, and which were revealed by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. “We are working on it; there is a good predisposition.”

Tope salarial

“We have discussed this with La Liga. In the event that the shareholders do not exercise their right to buy new shares, we (Orlegi Group) will do so. We have given guarantees to La Liga so that this increase has an immediate effect. Those assets are already part of what we have for this market”

Negotiations to extend the lease of Mareo

“We are working on it, there is a good predisposition (City Council). But in addition, we are working on the rehabilitations. Today I spoke with Mikel (Arriola) about the comprehensive development and evolution project of Mareo for this new stage to be able to generate development in all the parts”

the marruca

“Having a land pool is important. But now it’s critical to raise Dizziness’s conditions to elite. We’re going to bring the current Dizziness to elite Dizziness shortly.”



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