Alejandra Baigorria confessed that she is not sleeping with Said Palao

They haven’t slept together for three weeks. Alexandra Baigorria confessed that he is not sleeping with Said Palao, since he is focused on his training for the Pan American Judo Cup tournament and does not want to distract him.

They don’t sleep together? Alejandra Baigorria confirmed that she is not staying with Said Palao so as not to distract him | Fuente: diffusion

The relationship of Alexandra Baigorria y Said Palao It feels more and more stable. Recently, the fighter indicated that she is away from her partner because she needs to focus on an important event of which she will be a part of it.

unconditional support

Alejandra Baigorria confessed that for three weeks she has been away from Said Palao, but not because they have distanced themselves. On the contrary, both are going through a good stage in the relationship, but the model is focused on different plans.

Said Palao is preparing for the Pan American Judo Cup Tournament and for that very reason Alejandra Baigorria he’s keeping his distance.

“He is super applied. All these weeks he has not been sleeping with me because he was sleeping only to get up early, train and be focused because when we sleep together we stay up late. We miss each other because it was like two or three weeks in which each one in his house”, were the words of Alexandra Baigorria when asked about his current situation with Said Palao.

Focused on her new book

The same way, Alexandra Baigorria I do not hesitate to congratulate Said Palao for all the effort she has been making and also commented that she is in an important process because she will soon launch her second book.

Also, Alejandra Baigorria I have no hesitation in commenting on her excitement at being able to recount her experiences as a successful businesswoman in this second book. The words of the combatant were the following: “The second part is coming and I know when it will be. It is not that I am literary and that I write, I did not study that, I simply transmit to a writer what I want to transmit in that book. The first book is called ‘I can , I know I can’ and in this one it would be ‘I could, I know I could’, why not?”.


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