Al Rayyan puts a price on the departure of James Rodríguez: 4 million euros, difficult negotiation | Colombians Abroad

It’s not days but hours and the solutions are getting further and further away: James Rodríguez is closer to continuing in Qatar than to returning to Europe, as he longs for, but in the transfer market anything can happen at the last minute… he continues being soccer.

Well, now the discussion goes through the conditions of departure of the Colombian, the best paid of the Al-Rayyan squad, which would facilitate his negotiation, even after the deadline of this August 31, as a free player.

It’s easy: James would be willing to negotiate everything with his team and go out without ties to look for a club, when teams like Lazio or Porto are still in the deck… Valencia no longer counts because they preferred Cavani.

But the issue is not so simple: according to journalist Felipe Sierra, he could not leave for less than 4 million euros, as Al-Rayyan has told his agent, Jorge Mendes.

The issue is that if there are no confirmations before September 1, the destination will be Doha, the World Cup at home but from the stands (in the best case) and one more bitterness for the left-hander, for whom the movements simply do not work easy. At the bottom of it all, a Colombian National Team that demands regularity, competition, the one he hasn’t had for months.



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