Ajax: Ihattaren’s career turns into a fiasco

Considered one of the greatest hopes of Dutch football, Mohamed Ihattaren had a chaotic start to his career. Between his lunar passage in Sampdoria and his recent extra-sporting setbacks, the midfielder ready for Ajax does not come out of it.

Ihattaren soon fired by Ajax?

What if the career of Mohamed Ihattaren (20 years old) never took off? Much appreciated in his debut with PSV, where he had 30 very consistent months between 2018 and 2021, the Dutch midfielder has been on a winding path for a year now.

A painful passage in Italy

Still, all seemed to be going well for the Dutchman, who joined Juventus for €8million in the summer of 2021. Ready in the Sampdoria crowd to cut his teeth in a mid-table team in Serie A , the playmaker did not spend a single minute on the lawns with the Gnoise formation. I left Samp’ because of the circumstances that prevailed there. At 19, I was sitting in a hotel room, alone, on my own. The coach didn’t even know I was left-handed. They never paid my salary, not even a health insurance fund. What if I broke my leg? explained the young player in an interview De Telegraaf, last January.

Mentally weakened following the death of his father, an unfortunate event from which he never really recovered, isolated in a country whose language he did not speak, Ihatarren spoke of an anxious environment which did not make his task any easier. They told me that they paid the salaries every two months, but that was wrong, they didn’t respect any agreement. Nobody spoke to me apart from the team manager, I saw people in costume, I didn’t know who it was. could have been leaders like taxi drivers he specified, he who wished get back in shape et start playing football again . But between words and deeds, there is a gap.

Ajax no longer want Ihattaren

Ready since January at Ajax, where he landed with 15 extra pounds, Ihattaren seemed to find the right direction with remarkable preparation matches. Before diving back. Indeed, the new coach of the Lancers, Alfred Schreuder, revealed that his player was threatened with death by unidentified individuals. At the beginning of August, the journalist specializing in criminal affairs, John van den Heuvel, put his foot in the dish by claiming that the young Batavian, who missed the internship in Austria, was targeted by cadets because of an ex-relationship with a member of their family.

On Monday, the former policeman went even further by explaining that Ihattaren would have driven criminal members of the Mocro Maffia, suspects in the Marengo trial, towards the Amsterdam court in his car. A vehicle offered by his new club … and found charred in Utrecht, his hometown, adding that he visited a big drug baron in Alphen-sur-le-Rhin prison. So many events that push the leaders of Ajax to break his loan and send him back to Juventus. A chaotic start to his career that could cause him enormous harm. And not only from a professional point of view.

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