Ajax Amsterdam bans begging posters for jerseys in the stadium

DAhead of the start of the new season, Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam are responding to a trend that has taken hold in international football in recent years. More and more cardboard boxes, sheets or signs can be seen on the grandstands of the stadiums, on which sometimes more, sometimes less creatively and sometimes more, sometimes less demanding, a wish is addressed directly to the players. It’s often about their jerseys. In the beginning it was just a few posters, but now it’s just teeming with them. They are often held by children.

Tobias Rabe

Responsible editor for Sport Online.

They will no longer be tolerated in the Johan Cruyff Arena. Even before the Supercup between Ajax Amsterdam and PSV Eindhoven last Saturday, many children had to hand in the signs they had brought with them at the entrance. The club has now confirmed the measure to the fan portal “Ajax Life”. The association gave two reasons: The phenomenon had now completely gotten out of hand. On the other hand, the signs made of cardboard are a safety risk because they are highly flammable.

It all started with children in particular holding up posters they had written themselves, asking their favorite player for his shirt after the game. There are now far too many of these signs to fulfill all wishes. In addition, there are often no longer innocent children’s wishes, writes “Ajax Life”. “The annoying thing is that some adults think that their offspring have the right to everything.” And if a player walks by without giving his shirt, then he is considered “arrogant”. The club regrets the disappointment of the children. But there has to be a limit somewhere.

Not only the effects in the stadium have been in focus for some time. From time to time, jerseys don’t end up being given away by the children who are given them, but obviously by adults on auction platforms like Ebay to make money with them. Ajax’s decision received mixed comments on social media. Some were happy about the overdue step against what they considered to be an annoying scam, others criticized the measure, which is also aimed at young football fans. Ajax’s next home game will be on August 14 against Groningen.



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