Again! Asnawi Mangkualam Enters Best XI KLeague 2


Asnawi Mangkualam re-entered Best XI KLeague 2 2022. Young Indonesian players returned to playing well and scored 1 goal in week 30 KLeague 2.

Most recently, Asnawi scored his second goal in KLeague 2. He found the net for Jeonnam Dragons to bring Ansan Greeners opened up a 1-0 lead. His team then won 3-0.

Asnawi scored the goal after performing individual actions. At first he wanted to pass the ball to Robson Duarte, but it didn’t come because it was pushed away by opposing players.

The ball then bounced and returned to Asnawi’s feet who then chose to dribble to the front of the penalty box. Having space to shoot, shooting was also done with his left foot hitting the opponent, the ball rebounded and then grabbed Asnawi with his right foot to score a goal.

Ansan finally led 1-0 in the 59th minute after having difficulty scoring goals. Ansan finally won 3-0 thanks to two additional goals scored by Thiago Henrique.

As for Asnawi Mangkualam not only shined through his goals, he was also considered to have contributed to Ansan’s victory. For this reason, KLeague has re-entered the KLeague 2nd Best XI for the 30th week.

Asnawi is not the only Ansan player on the list. Robson Duarte and Thiago Henrique also graced the best line-up of KLeague 2. Thiago Henrique was even chosen as MVP, aka the best player of the 30th week.

This is the third time Asnawi Mangkualam join the best team KLeague 2. Previously, the former Makassar PSM had also received it in the 11th and 28th weeks.

This year Asnawi is entering his second season playing in Korea. In fact, he has also appeared a lot with a total of 18 matches, or an increase compared to the previous season with a record of 14 appearances.




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