“Action” and heart education in the holiday camp

Sabine Seidl’s integrative holiday camp inspires with adventure, sport and happiness.

“I don’t recognize my child,” said a mother of a disabled teenager today, says Sabine Seidl. Your child could fly from the Bischling with one of three tandem pilots, sit on a horse for the first time or climb the rock. Opportunities that are probably only offered in Seidl’s integrative holiday camp.

In any case, the three-week holiday camp has it all: In addition to tandem flying with the paraglider pilots, the program includes judo, dancing, horseback riding, painting, swimming and much more. “A highlight was again the visit to the heliport with all the blue light organizations on site,” Seidl is enormously grateful for the great support from many people, private sponsors and numerous helpers. “This year, a trainer from ÖBB even made a total of eight young employees available to me to work for two weeks free of charge.”

Under the pedagogical direction of Lara Kantner and Alicia Seidl, the team is accommodated this year in the gym of the Werfen elementary school. Some children – with or without a handicap – make big spurts in their development and social skills here: “We promote heart education here,” says Seidl.



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