Aaron Rodgers is ready to reconcile with his family

Aaron Rodgers He has been fighting with his parents and two of his brothers for a few years, although the reason for the estrangement is not well known, people are aware of this problem.

the player of the Green Bay Packers was in the Aubrey Marcus podcast where he talked about his experience with ayahuasca and everything he learned from it.

Willing to be in contact with his family

“I believe in healing and I believe in the possibility of reconciliation at some point,” said Rodgers in the “Aubrey Marcus Podcast” this week.

“But it’s a different journey for all of us, and judging from the outside about what it should be or what it should look like, or who’s wrong or who’s right is just a game I never wanted to play and still don’t want to play.” I do not want to play”.

“The most important thing for me is a deep love and gratitude for them, and for the lessons I learned, and for the way they raised me, and the hope for the future,” he added.

“But who knows what that future will be like, when it will be, when the time will come.”

“But I have no bitterness in my heart. I have no resentment,” continued Rodgers. “I just have a deep love and appreciation for the lessons I’ve learned, and the fact that if I hadn’t been raised that way, all of the good and all of the frustrating, there’s no way I’d be sitting here today.”



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