A weak Newells could not go from zero and equalized against Colón in the Colossus

Newell’s has been facing Colón at the Coloso since 8pm, for the 12th date of the Professional League. Javier Sanguinetti’s team arrives in tune after achieving passage to the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup, last Wednesday against Aldovisi in San Nicolás. Goalkeeper Lautaro Morales makes his debut.

The referee is Pablo Echavarría, in the VAR there is Diego Abal and he televises ESPN Premium.

The red and black came out determined to take over the field and the ball, while the sabalero tries to get out quickly. At 5′, after a change of front from right to left, Balzi sent a past cross that Garro was unable to connect, in the first danger of the match.

Colón responded with quick counterattacks, like at 15′ when Bernardi touched Wanchope Abila, who hooked twice, snubbing Vangioni, but finished up when he was alone against Morales.

At 18′ Garro stole at the sabalera exit and finished off very close to Chicco’s right post in another clear arrival.

Newell’s goes with few ideas and tries to take advantage of the set pieces from corner kicks and a couple of free kicks near the visiting area.

At 33′ Rossi had to come on for Garro who suffered from muscular discomfort.

At 36′ another clear came when Sordo faced Chicco alone, who controlled but was annulled for an advanced position.

Colón was close at 41′ when after clearing a corner in his area, the visitor came out quickly against a dismantled leprous defense but they did not resolve well when they were in numerical superiority.

At 46′, after a couple of knocks on the door of the colonist area, Sordo finished off with a left foot and the ball went near the left post of the visitor’s goal.

So Newell’s and Colón went into the break with a zero score after a first half with little associated game, few ideas and no offensive forcefulness.

From the start of the complement Newell’s came out with everything and at 48′ Balzi hooked up in the Sabalera area but could not connect with any teammate to define.

In the middle of a pale procedure, at 61′ Cólon arrived playing from right to left and Wanchope Abila, after receiving from Bernardi, sent it up in an unbeatable chance.

Once again Abila brought danger at 68′ by finishing off a good center from Meza very close.

At 77′ Colón arrived again with a header from Delgado that Wanchope headed again and threw it close to the post when Herrera marked the ex-scoundrel’s advanced position.

Sanguinetti’s changes did not bear fruit and Newell’s left with an opaque goalless draw against a Colón who encouraged him and was able to take something more from the Colossus.



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