A point for EA: the NFL renews the licenses of Madden

The first Madden game arrived in 1998, EA dubbed it John Madden Football, and it was the start of a saga that would dominate the sport in video games. Already in 2005, EA concluded an exclusive contract with the licenses of the teams which is maintained to this day and which will even be extended to esports.

With the esports scene in full swing, EA decided to create the Madden NFL Championship Series, a tournament that spans 9 months of the year and brings together players from all over the world. The 2020 edition, for example, saw a player win the cup without using a quarterback. EA has now agreed with the NFL on a mutual collaboration for a similar tournament.

Madden reveals details of the next edition

The deal spans multiple years and secures the continuation of the Madden NFL Championship Series esports league. The Ultimate Madden NFL 23 Bowl esports division will be held the same week as Super Bowl 37 and the Finals will feature a $1 million pot and an additional $70o,000 that will be available throughout the season.

The series is one of the strongest items on EA’s highest-grossing games list, and it’s coming to our Xbox on August 19th for fans to rejoice in this new release.



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