A cheater at Arsenal? Granit Xhaka suspected of having participated in rigged bets involving the Albanian mafia

This is news that Arsenal would have done well. Granit Xhaka, Gunner since 2016, is in good shape. The 29-year-old midfielder is under investigation and is suspected of having participated in rigged bets involving the Albanian mafia.

On December 18, 2021, Arsenal moves on the lawn of Leeds on the occasion of the 18th day of the Premier League. A meeting largely dominated by Gunners who lead 1-4 in the 86th minute of play. Moment chosen by Xhaka to save time in a (too) blatant way. While in his own half, the Swiss stands on the ball for about 20 seconds before to be penalized with a yellow card. A curious gesture that raised questions.

This Friday, the Daily Mail announced that theEnglish justice has opened an investigation targeting Xhaka. She suspects him of having participated in rigged bets on this meeting against Leeds. According to the British newspaper, 62,000 euros were bet on the fact that the Swiss would be warned in the last 10 minutes of the game. Well…

And that’s not all. Always according to Daily Mail, the NCA, National Crime Agencywhich leads the UK’s fight against serious and organized crime, also reportedly discovered that a large sum of cryptocurrencies had been wagered on this match from Albania. Alban Yusufi, former striker, would be in the sights of the NCA. It would be the SUedo-Albanian who would have placed large sums on the yellow card of Xhaka, also of Albanian origin. A link could therefore be established between the Albanian mafia, whose Jusufi fait partie, et Granit Xhaka.

Alban Jusufi is well known to justice. In 2017, he already had was found guilty of paying the sum of 180,000 euros to the AIK goalkeeper Kyriakos Stamatopoulos so that he crashes against Gothenburg.

Despite this heavy case, the Gunners won on the lawn of Crystal Palace (0-2), now orphaned by Christian Benteke, at the start of the Premier League season.



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