A Celtics-Nets trade for Kevin Durant? Shaquille O’Neal’s cash opinion!

The Kevin Durant file no longer knows any major developments, apart from the recent arrival of the Celtics in rumors. Shaquille O’Neal was also called upon to discuss a potential deal between Boston and Brooklyn, and did not go there with the back of the spoon!

At this point, fans are even wondering if he will indeed sport new colors next year. One month after submitting a transfer request to its managers, Kevin Durant remains a Nets player. No rival franchise has yet managed to make the offer necessary to recruit him, which does not prevent this soap opera from staying in the news.

Lately, it is thanks to the Celtics that this one has been talked about within the NBA community. The Boston front office would thus have contacted that of Brooklyn to discuss the KD case several weeks ago, and would even have proposed a nice package containing in particular Jaylen Brown to secure the services of the Slim Reaper. A vain attempt, which would not displease some.

Shaquille O’Neal warns Boston about Durant case

Recent guest of Rich Iron ShowShaquille O’Neal looked at many current topics of the league, including that relating to Durant. After smashing the double MVP of the Finals for his desires to leave, he was asked to put himself in the place of the Celtics, and to validate or not the trade mentioned above. The legendary pivot then delivered a very clear-cut opinion:

Rich iron : If you were the Celtics, would you trade for Durant? Would you give in to Jaylen Brown and others to get Durant right now?

Shaquille O’Neal : No. Never. We (the Celtics) have a young core to build around and trust, so I would keep that. And I don’t know what everyone was watching in the playoffs, but Jaylen was going the distance against Durant pretty well. Anyway, that’s what I found. So no, my answer is no. No, sorry, my answer is “No way”!

Shaquille O’Neal is therefore clear: the C’s have every interest in preserving the base of their workforce, which allowed them to play in the Finals last season, rather than destroying it to attract Durant. A speech that may validate many fans of the franchise, attached to Brown and the long-time stars of the team!

Not the type to take tweezers to let go of the substance of his thoughts, Shaquille O’Neal did not depart from his principles on this one. For Diesel, the Celtics would do better to keep their roster intact, and abandon the Kevin Durant track!



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