A Barça without captains

08/29/2022 at 21:44


Between Busquets, Piqué, Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba they have only played 330 minutes out of a possible 990 (33.3%)

‘Busi’ adds more starts (2) and minutes (166), Sergi Roberto has intervened in all three games and Piqué has not yet debuted

The four captains of FC Barcelona, ​​until now untouchable, are losing weight in the team. The figures indicate. among all, Sergio Busquets, Gerard Piqué, Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba, they could have accumulated 990 minutes in the first three days of the League, but they have only added 330 (33.3%). His presence, except that of Busquets, is fading away.

The first captain of FC Barcelona is the only one who remains firm. He started against Rayo and Valladolid and could not play in San Sebastián due to suspension (he was sent off in his league debut for a double yellow card). Busquetswith 166 minutes on the pitch, he has only missed 14 of the 180 that he has been available to Xavi Hernandez.

Jordi Albafourth captain, is the next player to accumulate the most minutes: 100. The left-back started as a starter against Ray (82 minutes), was a substitute against the Real society (18) and stayed on the bench against Valladolid. It has gone from more to less. He too youth squad Alejandro Baldestarter in the last two clashes, is momentarily winning the game.

Sergio Robertthird captain, is the only one who has taken part in all three league games, but always coming off the bench and playing half an hour at most. Against Rayo he added 30 minutesagainst Real Sociedad only 5 and against Valladolid, 29.


Finally, the second captain, Gerard Piqué, with 606 games since 2008, is the only one that has not yet debuted this season. The center-back has warmed up the bench against the Rayo, Real Sociedad and Valladolid and the coach has made it clear that he is the fifth center-back on the squad, behind Eric, Araujo, Christensen and Koundewho entered the team before him.

The proof that the ‘sacred cows’ are losing prominence was evident in the match against Real Sociedad. With Busquets sanctioned and Piqué, Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba on the bench, the captain was the goalkeeper Ter Stegen. Last season, for example, the situation of giving the bracelet to a player who did not have control in the locker room was never reached. Busquets wore it in 49 games and Pique y Jordi Albain two.



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