70 associations and 1,500 people expected for the Fête des associations in Lourdes

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A beautiful Festival of associations is preparing this Saturday, at the Antoine-Béguère stadium and at the sports hall, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 70 associations are expected to introduce you to their activities. But it will also be an opportunity to get involved as a volunteer!

It is “a great mobilization of associations”, rejoices Marie Etcheverry, municipal councilor in charge of events, a few days before a key event of the start of the school year: the Festival of associations. This is how 70 structures will be present for the event.
Marie Etcheverry continues: “Last year, there were around fifty of them after a pandemic period which had not been easy for them. There will be cultural, sports, environmental, social associations…” She adds: “It is not because it is held at the stadium and the sports hall that there are only sports associations. Last year, it took place at the Esplanade du Paradis, which was returned to returning tourists. »
A great event that will therefore take place outdoors, in weather that should be mild. Marie Etcheverry insists, about a health context always likely to worry: “There will be room outside and there is no reason to come backwards. »

Demonstrations and initiations

Each association will therefore have a stand to publicize its activities. The chosen one continues: “There will be a lot of demonstrations or initiations, around twenty in total. What we know, rugby, football, but also ball tennis, golf, archery… The idea is that the inhabitants of Lourdes come with family, friends or alone, to discover the associations and meet officials or volunteers. »
The municipal councilor continues: “This is an opportunity to become a practitioner, or a volunteer. Associations are always looking for volunteers and this is also the time. “Whether it is within a sports club, a cultural association, but also within organizations dedicated to helping the most precarious, such as the Secours populaire or the Secours Catholique.

Concert offered by the town hall

At the end of the morning, at 11.30 a.m., the mayor, Thierry Lavit, will greet the associations with a word at the sports hall. The town hall also offers a concert for a festive moment, at 3:30 p.m., which will take place on the stage. The group Cale Sèche will perform.
Marie Etcheverry concludes: “I invite all residents of Lourdes to come and meet the associations that make Lourdes so rich. The weather must be nice, it’s an opportunity to meet them. There are twenty additional associations compared to last year, we can feel the desire, everything has started up again a year ago! Last year, 1,100 people attended this popular event. This year, 1,500 people are expected!



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