52-year-old beats her ex’s boyfriend with sticks

«Come down for a momentI have to talk to you “, this is the excuse used by a 52-year-old offender who went to his ex’s house to settle accounts with rival in love. Once he got off, however, the man had no intention of speaking and took him on blows, with a baseball bat. The incredible episode happened in Vecovana, in the province of Padovawhere the victim he had bruised his left arm and wrist and a suspected fracture of his elbow joint.

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Terror in the street

Man, not happy with the attack on the rival in love, sowed terror on the street. Armed with his men and baseball, he began to wield it in an angry manner towards his rival in love, hitting him repeatedly and damaging his phone. Under the petrified eyes of the neighbors, the man managed to return to the house with a sore arm while his companion, horrified, called the carabinieri. Meanwhile, the attacker was increasingly blinded by anger and vented with the bat on hisauto of the victim.

The reason for the attack

The background of the story starts from afar, that is, from when the man had accompanied a Romanian woman, now 40 years old, residing in the area. After a period of coexistence, the love story was wrecked: she had found another partner, moving with him to Vescovana. But the distance did not prevent the man’s anger from going away. He had been meditating for some time vendetta against the one who, in his eyes, had taken away the fiancée. And so she has seen fit to take revenge on one punitive expedition.

The expedition

On Tuesday, August 2, it was decided. He got into the car and headed to Vescovana, without forgetting to load the car there men and baseball. At around 21:00 he parked in front of the couple’s house and apparently peaceful and serene on the intercom, asking to be able to speak with his ex-girlfriend. But tempers quickly heated up and the 43-year-old took to the streets. After taking the baseball bat, several times on his left arm, he managed to return home, while his girlfriend called the carabinieri. The military quickly rushed in and blocked and disarmed the man. Before calming him down, it took a long time, then the man was deferred to a state of freedom for aggravated personal injuries and abusive wearing of instruments to offend.

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