5 Men’s Singles Candidates for Badminton World Championship 2022, Number 1 Axelsen’s Nightmare

Friday, August 19, 2022, 06:00 WIB

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting is one of the men’s singles candidates for the 2022 Badminton World Championships (Photo: PBSI)

FOLLOWING are 5 men’s singles candidates for champions in the 2022 Badminton World Championships. One of them is the current best men’s singles nightmare from Denmark, Viktor Axelsen.

For information, the 2022 Badminton World Championship will take place at the Tokyo Metropolitano Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan. Precisely from August 22 to August 28, 2022 to come.

One of the sectors that will grab the attention of badminton lovers at the event is the men’s singles. As the world’s number 1 men’s singles, it is undeniable that Viktor Axelsen will be a strong candidate to become the champion.

But besides Viktor Axelsen, there are many other men’s singles who have the same opportunity, even one of them is a nightmare for the Danish mainstay. Is that the mainstay of Indonesia’s men’s singles, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting?

5. Viktor Axelsen – Denmark

Viktor Axelsen

2022 could be one of the peaks of Viktor Axelsen’s career. Because throughout this year, Axelsen is really mighty with a record of 32 consecutive wins since the All England 2022.

While on fire, Axelsen also wants to win the 2022 Badminton World Championship. Interestingly, Axelsen apparently won the Badminton World Championship only once, in the 2017 edition.

4. Kento Momota – Japan

However, it is believed that Axelsen’s efforts will not be easy because there is a men’s single from Japan, Kento Momota who will be his tough opponent. If Axelsen has only won once, then Momota will already get 2 gold medals at the 2022 Badminton World Championships.

Despite experiencing a decline entering 2020, it seems that Momota is slowly starting to rise in the last few months. This awakening makes Kento Momota a strong candidate for the men’s singles champion at this year’s World Championships.


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