3 Coaches Who Can Replace Robert Alberts at Persib

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A number of coaches can replace the position Robert Rene Alberts from Persib Bandung. Here are three potential replacement coaches for Alberts.

Not even Robert Rene Alberts parted with Persib Bandung, a number of names have been proposed by supporters. Bobotoh does not want Persib to get worse.

Alberts is in the spotlight. This is because Persib’s performance was sluggish in the first three weeks of Liga 1 2022/2023. Maung Bandung only collected one point from three matches.

Marc Klok and his friends drew 2-2 against Bhayangkara FC, then lost 1-3 to Madura United, and finally lost 1-4 to Borneo FC. This circuit makes Boboh angry.

Because the composition of Persib is quite classy, ​​if not elite. Of the 30 players registered by Persib, 20 of them have defended the Indonesian national team, including at the age level.

The hashtag #ReneOut also echoed on social media. They demanded the coach who had joined since May 2019 to leave and enjoy his old age in the Netherlands.

The following are the names of three coaches who are said to be replacing Alberts, based on a search on Monday (8/8).

Paul Munster

The former coach of Bhayangkara FC is currently unemployed. Through his personal social media, Munster was seen monitoring the 2022/2023 Liga 1 competition, including the Persib match.

The Irish man’s concoction was quite convincing while in Liga 1. In 2019 he brought The Guardian in fourth place in the final standings, while the 2021/2022 season was in third.

Munster is said to be a badass because his strategy mix is ​​considered promising. Bhayangkara FC’s game for three seasons in his hands became a reference for expecting Munster’s presence.

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