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When Magdeburg lost 4-0 to Hannover |

Space storm and fire alarm after Hanover victory

Hunting scenes in Magdeburg after the final whistle against Hannover (0:4)!

During the first half and early in the second, some 96 chaotic ignited pyrotechnics around the stadium. That was just the warm up…

After the final whistle, about 80 chaotic players stormed the field and there were wild brawls. The trigger? A misunderstanding!

Hanover professional Derrick Köhn (23) gave away his jersey to a fan in the neutral block after the final whistle. A 96 ultra wanted that for a kid and grab the camisole though.

The FCM ultras misinterpreted this trouble among Hanover fans and suspected an attack on their supporters. At the same time, a rocket flew from the 96 block into the home team’s family block.

Now everyone freaked out. There was a storm. Police responded and separated the rioters. But that’s not all…

Suddenly the fire alarm went off. Now everyone had to leave the entire stadium quickly. What a mess!

Again, 96 slobs are said to be the trigger. They are said to have ignited pyrotechnics on a toilet and thus triggered the alarm.

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Three fire engines and an emergency vehicle from the fire brigade arrived in front of the stadium. After a few minutes they left again. It is unclear whether it was a false alarm.

Hanover’s head coach Stefan Leitl (44) at the belated press conference: “Such scenes are of course ugly. I haven’t been with my team since the final whistle, I’ll only see everyone again on the bus.”

Magdeburg coach Christian Titz (51): “Such things have no place in the stadium.”

From now on, the DFB determines.


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