2nd league: Bielefeld – Braunschweig 4:1! Arminia wins with crazy slat face billiards | Sports

Shoulder, double-bar face billiards, slapstick fumble |

Curious goal show in Bielefeld!

1st victory in the 6th second division game for Arminia Bielefeld.

At home, the Bundesliga relegated defeated in the second division basement duel 17 against 18 Eintracht Braunschweig 4-1. And scores the strangest goal of the year!

The 37th minute: Hack cross in the middle. And then it gets completely weird. Before Oliver Hüsing can finally somehow get the ball over the line, he smacks the crossbar twice and from the hand of Braunschweig keeper Fejzić in Hüsing’s face!.

An absolutely incredible goal that you won’t believe until you see it with your own eyes.

And the other hits, like the 1-0 via shoulder and the slapstick goal conceded by Arminia keeper Fraisl, who boxed the ball over the line to make it 1-3 in the meantime, are absolutely tough…

With the win, Arminia jumps out of the relegation zone with four points. Braunschweig is last with one point from six games.



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