25 year old Matteo Carminati died

Tragedy in the mountains, who died at 25: this is the sad fate of Matteo Carminati, who lives in Petosino, a hamlet of Sorisole. As reported by the Alpine Rescue, the alarm was raised on Monday just before 3 pm: the young man fell in the Vaccarizza area, at 1,600 meters above sea level, in the territory of the Municipality of Ardesio (Alpe Vodala). He did not survive a fall of at least a hundred meters: with him also the corpse of his dog, a German shepherd. The operations center sent the helicopter rescue that took off from Bergamo: the health team on board could not help but ascertain the death.

The technicians of the VI Orobic Delegation of Cnsas, the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps of Valbondione intervened to support the operations. The body was recovered and taken to the pitch of the Blue Cross in Gromo. A few hours later, with the green light of the magistrate, it was finally transported to the small church in Via Ramera, in Ponteranica.

He would graduate in September

Born in 1996, Matteo Carminati would have turned 26 next September: the same month in which he should have graduated, with a master’s degree, in occupational psychology. In recent weeks he was busy between huts and mountains with the Pasturs project, whose goal – we read – is to try to “improve the coexistence between breeding and large predators (bear and wolf) through young volunteers, who help in the working life of the mountain pastures. , promoting the use of preventive measures that defend livestock from potential wolf and bear raids “.

The big heart of Matteo

It was the pastor with whom Matteo was collaborating who first raised the alarm, not seeing him return. The 25-year-old would have fallen into a gully while he was returning, in the company of his dog: they both ended up in the void and died instantly after a flight of over a hundred meters. A great lover of sports (he practiced judo) and of nature and mountains, he was a boy with a big heart: for years he had been a volunteer for the White Cross and the Red Cross. He leaves his parents in pain: mum Arianna and dad Matteo.



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