2022 World Championship – Due to lack of courage Kento Momota languishes at home


Kento Momota during the second round match of the 2022 World Championship at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Japan, Wednesday (24/8/2022)

BOLASPORT.COM – The pace of the former world badminton king, Kento Momota at the 2022 World Championships had to stop in the round of 32, being too careful actually backfired on him.

Kento Momota is one of host Japan’s hopes for a title at the 2022 World Championship tournament from the men’s singles event.

That hope arose considering that Kento Momota was still the best men’s single in Sakura Country by being ranked second in the world.

Appearing at home at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan, Momota was defeated by the representative of India, Prannoy HS

Playing for 54 minutes Momota had to admit Prannoy’s advantage with the final score 17-21, 16-21.

From the statistics of the match that occurred on Wednesday (24/8/2022) it is clear that Momota was unable to compete with Prannoy’s game since the first game.

Even in the first game Momota never once beat Prannoy until the first game ended.

Not only that, the former world badminton king was only able to equalize once when the score was 4-4.

After that Momota always played under Prannoy who overall in the first gym managed to dominate the game.


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