10 moments of Chiquito Romero’s announcement in Boca: the proposal from Europe that he rejected, the role of Marcos Rojo and a controversial phrase about Racing

“I’m going to show that I’m Boca’s goalkeeper like I did with the Argentine National Team.”

Sergio Romero was presented as a new reinforcement of Boca Juniors. “First of all, good night everyone and thanks for being here. I said that I was not going to cover up a boy in Racing, then from Boca they communicated to find out if he was free and I made myself available. I’m happy with the opportunity they gave me, I think It’s a step forward in my career.” They were the first words of Chiquito, who signed a bond with Xeneize until December 2024.

On how he is physically, the goalkeeper with the most appearances in the history of the Argentine team, said: “Last year I had to go to Venezia to show people that I was physically well. And I did it, I showed it to everyone, knowing that he was going to fight in the lower positions. After a year that I did not play much, this is a step forward in my career, I come to the biggest club in Argentina. I’m ready to show how I did it in the goal of the Argentine team”.

When telling the details of the Boca Juniors call, Chiquito Romero said: “I told Román that he had the chance to continue in Europe. They said that he had proposals to play in the second in Italy, I don’t know where that came from. He did have proposals to continue in the Premier of Englandbut talking to my lady at home we decided that it was a very good opportunity to play in Bocabe part of this club and do your best. I think it was one of the best decisions of my life.”

“Coming to Boca was one of the best decisions of my life.”

“There was a very big difference from the previous time that Guillermo called me (Barros Schelotto in 2017). I belonged to Manchester United and Boca had to buy my pass. It has never been easy for a club to go and buy a player from United. You had to spend a lot of money. He was the only person who called me at the time and I told him, now he is different. I’m free, they had to talk directly to me. They raised the possibility with me and it was something very fast, in a matter of two or three days, we fixed it and today we are here”, He explained about his arrival.

On this point, Romero also acknowledged that the role of red frameshis former teammate on the Argentine national team and at Manchester United, was key: “I always talk to him, Since the day he came to Boca, he has been burning my head for him to come. We are very close friends, we have a great relationship. I knew about the club’s goals, and the possibility was there from the moment Roman called me two or three days ago. Now, starting tomorrow I will get fully involved in the Boca world to contribute and add that we have very good quality players”.

When analyzing whether this step brings him closer to the Argentine team, Chiquito stated: “At this moment I think more about trying to give back to Boca the possibility that it is giving me and I don’t think about the National Team. Each thing is a trigger for what one achieves. First I want to make myself available now, let him see how I am to play, and everything else will come later. If God wants and one meets the objectives, things come by themselves”.

“Physically I am very well. I had the opportunity after the operation to rehabilitate myself with the people of the AFA who opened the doors for me. I am grateful to Chiqui Tapia and to the entire medical department of the National Team. If DT decides that I have to do a mini preseason I will do it without problems, otherwise I will compete alongside the group. I have no problem,” he continued about his physique.

Romero on the possibility of stopping Racing in the Cylinder.

A recurring theme was his identification with Racing Club, which will precisely be the rival next Sunday in Avellaneda for the Professional League. “I’ll take it like a pro, everyone knows that I am a fan of Racing, but football is a job and today I owe it to Boca. I have to do everything for him to do well. It could be my debut in Avellaneda, but I have to defend these colors, if I have to be there I will go and get the three points”

On the reaction of the fans, he emphasized: “We are all very passionate, the reality is that this is a job. I have to work because I have a family and children and it was an important step in my career to have continuity. When this club was introduced it is very difficult to say no. If Racing showed up, he would surely have accepted, but he didn’t show up. They will know (because of the Racing fans) where they will have to knock on the door. But they didn’t show up, it was Boca that showed up.”

To finish, he told what his expectations in the arc of Boca Juniors. “It has always been said that this field beats, shakes and stuff. Thank God I have been lucky in my life and I had to defend important goals both inside and outside the country. I will try to do my best and contribute everything I know so that Boca does well”.




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