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“We have been disadvantaged!” |

Schalke’s Schröder rages over the referee

It was an evening full of excitement – ​​of all things when Schalke 04 returned to the Bundesliga!

Cologne beats Schalke 3-1. After the game, one of them really had the kettle on…

Schalke sports director Rouven Schröder (46) at DAZN: “I’m always someone who names things very clearly. The way bothers me elementary. I felt like it was like a cup game where close game decisions – which weren’t clearly wrong decisions – are corrected. This upsets me. We have been disadvantaged!”

These four scenes are talked about…

Excitement 1: An offside goal by Schalke!

10. Minute: Hector unluckily clears a free kick into the middle. Zalazar takes the rebound directly – and scores!

But video referee Sören Storks (33) reports and takes the hit back.

Because: Schalke captain Yoshida was offside when the shot was taken, obstructing goalkeeper Schwäbe’s view.

Schröder: “That is not a clear wrong decision. Completely unnecessary!”

Excitement 2: The dismissal!

Dominick Drexler (34), from 2018 to 2021 in Cologne, flies off the pitch (34th)! On the center line he goes into a toxic duel with Hector. He climbs onto his calf with an open sole. Referee Robert Schröder (36) initially lets it continue.

Then the VAR intervenes again. Schröder looks at the scene and gives red! Too hard!

BamS referee expert Thorsten Kinhöfer (54): “If you were to show me a still image: bright red. If you see the whole course of the movement: A duel without any particular aggressiveness, no intensity. Yellow would have been enough.”

Schröder: “If you give a red card in the 35th minute, the game is completely changed. If you see the entire scene, it’s not a clear wrong decision. I find it difficult to give the red card retrospectively.”

Schalke foams over the video red – and Cologne shoots to victory!

49. Minute: After a corner, Hector puts it across. Luca Kilian (22) slides in. 1:0!

Excitement 3: The 2:0!

Florian Kainz scores, but referee Schröder sees the goal scorer as offside. The video referee has to go again. In the end it’s the goal that counts. The Schalke manager rages and sees yellow.

Marius Bülter reduced the lead to 1:2 (76 ‘), four minutes later the 3:1 for Cologne through Dejan Ljubicic.

Excitement 4: The Modeste change!

Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart (50) is fuming about the upcoming transfer from Anthony Modeste (34) to Borussia Dortmund.

Baumgart: “It pisses me off that something like this comes out on the day of the game. And it didn’t come from us. That puts us in a difficult situation four hours before the game and as a coach I have the arse card. It’s just proper that you keep something like that under the cover and don’t walk around with it in a boastful manner.”

A reproach against BVB because of the timing of the transfer?



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