1 against Schalke 04 at the start

EFirst frustration over the departure of top scorer Anthony Modeste, then exuberant jubilation over the deserved opening win: On an eventful Sunday, 1. FC Köln started the new Bundesliga season with a win and are most upset about the loss to Borussia Dortmund changing public favorite Modeste first ousted.

With the 3:1 (0:0) against FC Schalke 04, the Rhinelanders, who started without the striker who was banned from the squad, also spoiled the Royal Blues’ return to the Bundesliga after direct re-emergence. Schalke struggled with the video evidence, which led to the withdrawal of Rodrigo Zalazar’s goal (10th), the red card for former Cologne player Dominick Drexler (35th) and the 2-0 by Florian Kainz (62nd).

But all decisions were tough, but according to the rules. Luca Kilian had given Cologne the lead without discussion (49th). Marius Bülter’s (76th) interim goal for Schalke was not enough. Dejan Ljubicic (80th) made the decision with his goal. After his shot, the ball bounced off the post to Schalke goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow and from there into the goal.

“Clear Edge”

Just under half an hour before kick-off, the BAP song “Nix wie better” played over the stadium speakers, with the lyrics “Schalke en Paket vom FC käät”. But then the Rhenish euphoria of the preparation, which had already been damaged by being eliminated from the DFB Cup in Regensburg, was completely gone. Because in the morning it was leaked that Modeste’s move to BVB was almost fixed. At 4:30 p.m., the Cologne team confirmed a “basic verbal agreement” with BVB. Modeste wanted to play, but wasn’t allowed to.



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