[스포츠]Yonex, ‘Korea Junior Open Badminton’ for 4 more years… Total 800 million won

The Korea Junior Open Badminton Championship will be with the global sports brand Yonex for 4 more years.

The Korea Badminton Association (Chairman Taek-gyu Kim) signed an agreement with Dong Seung-tong (CEO Kim Cheol-woong), the Korean sole distributor of Yonex, to successfully hold the Korea Junior Open.

With the official name of ‘Woncheon Yonex Korea Junior Open Badminton Championship’, we will sponsor up to 800 million won for 4 years as the main sponsor until 2025.

Kim Cheol-woong, CEO of Dongseung Bank, said, “I am happy to be able to deliver dreams and hopes to dream trees starting with the Wonwonbae Elementary School competition in 1994, and I look forward to working with the association for over 40 years.”

The Korea Junior Open Badminton Championship is the best international junior competition in Korea approved by the World Badminton Federation (BWF).

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