◉ Boca today: Cavani’s situation, how Rossi’s fight with the Football Council took over the squad and latest news

News from Boca today, Friday, August 5. The goalkeeper’s situation generated discomfort in the professional team. In addition, the Xeneize reactivated the negotiations for Adonis Frías and in the next few hours there may be news.

Get the latest news from Boca and all the news for today, Friday, August 5. In the midst of Agustín Rossi’s conflict over his renewal, the squad was upset by the media exposure about the goalkeeper’s contract renewal. In addition, Adonis Frías is close to the Xeneize.

Cavani’s No. 9! Darío Benedetto showed the shirt he has framed

Through his Instagram stories, Pipa exhibited the jackets of various world figures that he has hanging on the wall of his house and closed with the Matador, which sounds louder and louder in Boca. Look!

The Boca Reserve tied with Platense and could not reach the top

The Xeneize did not go from 0-0 with the Calamar and wasted an unbeatable opportunity to match River at the top of the tournament. Mariano Herrón remains undefeated since his arrival. He reviews the best.

Mouth Reserve

Cavani to Boca: how is his situation and when will he respond to Riquelme

In the Xeneize they do not lose the illusion of enjoying the goals of the Uruguayan striker, who continues to analyze various proposals from Europe. All the details.

Edinson Cavani

Boca, with problems in the central defense: all the pairs that played in the year

Against Platense, Zambrano and Roncaglia will be starters in Boca’s defense and there are already 13 different couples that alternated in the year. Look!

Mouth behind

Lucas Torreira, from flirting with Boca to going to football in Turkey

The Uruguayan midfielder, who repeatedly expressed his desire to play for Xeneize, has no place at Arsenal. Galatasaray, his new club.

lucas torreira uruguay

The Boca multi-champion who asked for “a corrective” for Exequiel Zeballos

Pepe Basualdo, who sponsored Riquelme in the Bianchi stage, criticized Changuito’s gesture in Paraná and also harshly analyzed the present of the Ibarra team and the decisions of the Riquelme Council. He reviews his statements.

Basualdo Zeballos

Boca has everything ready to receive Platense: the team that Ibarra tried

The only change in relation to the match with Patronato would be the entry of Sández by Fabra. In addition, Roncaglia will continue for Rojo. Benedetto is not back yet. Look!

Ibarra Pompei Gracián Boca training


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