Yeneda Payments Co., Ltd., Samjeong Liquor Co., Ltd. Egg Pay Co., Ltd. business agreement signed

Yeneda Payments Co., Ltd. announced on the 1st that it had a mutual business agreement ceremony with Samjeong Liquor Co., Ltd. and Egg Pay Co., Ltd. on the 17th.

At the signing ceremony for the activation of the payment solution Vitamin Pay and the revitalization of the liquor commercial area, Yeneda Payments CEO Lee Woong-gyu, Samjung General Liquor CEO Lee Woong-gyu, Samjung General Liquor Soun-ju CEO Suh Su-beom, and EggPay Na CEO Won Won attended.

In particular, Vitamin Pay can use VAN and PG in one terminal, can utilize a wallet that combines fintech and block chain technology, and is also preparing coin payment functions such as cryptocurrency payment commerce platform Crypto Rabbit.

An official from Yeneda Payments Co., Ltd. said that he is engaged in blockchain technology development activities to prepare for the next 10 years, away from a company specializing in e-commerce payment solutions.

Ung-gyu Lee, CEO of Yeneda Payments and CEO of Samjong Liquor Co., Ltd., said, “With this agreement ceremony, we look forward to positive interactions between payment solutions and the revitalization of the liquor industry.”

CEO Lee continued, “We will do our best to ensure that our company has a market advantage in related industries. We will actively change to pioneer new markets,” he said.

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