World football clubs at 8: the Montmagny club complains of having been the victim of racist insults in Rome

“We were happy to go to Rome to compete in the 8-a-side football club world championship, in the end, we came back bitter and frustrated! Mohamed Chaouki, the president of the B2M (“Bande de Montmagny”) expected better from his Roman journey. Specialists in 7-a-side football, the French champion launched an assault on 8-a-side football. In a competition hosted by the Totti Sporting Club, the formation of the former Italian international, Francesco Totti, Montmagny had to fight against the elements. “We took part in competitions in Brazil and Mexico,” says Chaouki. We have always lost in the rules of the art. But not in Rome. On the ground, we were up to it. But the Italians had decided that the foreign teams would not go all the way. Moreover, in the last four, there are four transalpine teams. »

Beyond the facts of the game, the players of Montmagny complained of racism. “We heard monkey cries as soon as a player of color from us had the ball, we were insulted. We did not expect that when coming to Rome. The Flamengo players, trained by Aldair, the 1994 world champion, and eliminated in the quarter-finals, would also have been insulted for the same reasons.

In the game, the Val-d’Oisiens often made their opponents suffer. Came out second in his group after two draws against the Italians of Treviso (1-1) and Swadlab (5-5) and a victory (4-2) against Lisbon, Montmagny fell in the round of 16 against Peperino (1- 2). “Against Swadlab, the future winner of the event, we lead 5-3. We are joined after endless stoppages.” Mohamed Chaouki does not understand how the referees were able to grant 8 minutes of additional time in meetings of 2 times 25 minutes. “And it was repeated in the round of 16. We lead 1-0. We get a player sent off at the end of the game. And again, the referee grants 8 minutes of added time. We would have played as long as Peperino had not won. »

“Despite what happened to us, I am proud of my players. We had the level to go very far in this competition. We were able to keep a cool head despite the insults. Somehow, it united us even more. This is what we must remember from our trip to Rome, as well as the pictures taken at the Colosseum. It remains a good memory. »

For the French FSGT champion in 7-a-side football, the rest takes place in Barcelona in September with the two biggest competitions that will follow one another, the world club (from 17 to 19) followed by the world of nations (from 20 to 22 ). “It’s not sure yet but the competition will take place at the Barça training center”, Chaouki is already salivating.



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