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The NBA Summer League in Las Vegas will start again in 2022 as usual at the beginning of July. The start is dated July 7th, but the youngsters can already prove themselves before then. SPOX provides an overview of the most important data and facts.

The Summer League is upon us again! From the beginning to mid-July, the rookies can make their first steps at the NBA level, the focus is of course on the tournament in Las Vegas, where all 30 teams will be at the start. This year’s Summer League is sponsored by NBA 2K23.

When and where does the Summer League take place?

Like last year, the Summer League will take place at three different locations. Some teams compete in two tournaments. All 30 teams are back in the Las Vegas Summer League. This year’s California Classic will be held at the Golden State Warriors’ Chase Center in San Francisco. Salt Lake City is also playing again.

city Period
San Francisco (California Classic) 2. July – 3. July
Salt Lake City 5. July – 7. July
Las Vegas 7. July – 17. July

Where to watch NBA Summer League games?

The Summer League will not be broadcast on German television. However, the games are getting over NBA TV shown and can therefore also be seen in the DAZN subscription. This costs either 29.99 euros per month or 274.99 euros per year. Alternatively, you can watch all games with the NBA League Pass.

Which teams participate in the Summer League?

All 30 NBA teams will compete in Las Vegas. In Salt Lake City, the Utah Jazz will compete with just one team, unlike last year, while in San Francisco representatives from Sacramento, Los Angeles, Miami and hosts Golden State will compete.

Utah San Francisco
Utah Jazz Golden State Warriors
Memphis Grizzlies Los Angeles Lakers
Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat
Oklahoma City Thunder Sacramento Kings

Summer League San Francisco: Schedule and Results

The California Classic will take place again this year in the usual version. It will be played over three days, which means that this time all teams will face each other. It starts on July 2nd.

Datum time Team 1 Team 2
2nd July 23 o’clock Los Angeles Lakers Miami Heat
3rd of July


Sacramento Kings Golden State Warriors
3rd of July 23 o’clock Miami Heat Sacramento Kings
July 4th 1:30 Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors
5th July 21 clock Golden State Warriors Miami Heat
5th July 11.30 p.m Sacramento Kings Los Angeles Lakers

Summer League Utah: Schedule and Results

The mini-tournament will feature Memphis, the winner of 2018 and 2019, and Utah won in 2021. The schedule for this year looks like this:

Datum time Team 1 Team 2
July 6th 1 O ‘clock Memphis Grizzlies Philadelphia 76ers
July 6th 3 o’clock Oklahoma City Thunder Utah Jazz
7th of July 1 O ‘clock Memphis Grizzlies Oklahoma City Thunder
7th of July 3 o’clock Philadelphia 76ers Utah Jazz
8th of July 12:00 a.m Oklahoma City Thunder Philadelphia 76ers
8th of July 2 O ‘clock Memphis Grizzlies Utah Jazz

Summer League Las Vegas Schedule and Results

The “real” Summer League in Las Vegas starts on July 7 this year, so we can look forward to this year’s top rookies.



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