Will Keisei Tominaga be the savior of Japanese men’s basketball? Yuki Togashi “His scoring power becomes a weapon of Japan” | Basketball | Shueisha’s sports magazine Sportiva official website web Sportiva

“I’m looking for a good 3-point shooter”

Tom Hovasse, head coach of the Japan men’s basketball team (HC), said that and started the training camp this summer. The men’s national team has announced a total of 42 candidate players, and is active in the first and second half of July and August. The first half of the July group will play in the two World Cup qualifying matches (against Australia and Chinese Taipei) to be held next year and the Asian Cup starting on July 12.

Keisei Tominaga, a young shooter who is expected to be the scoring source for the men’s basketball team in Japan

In the World Cup qualifying match against Australia on July 1st, he was completely unsuccessful in front of the powerful defense that was unfolding, and was completely defeated 52-98. No, I couldn’t do anything as a team to the extent that it was a terrible defeat. The only hope among them was Keisei Tominaga, a 21-year-old college student who made his debut as a full representative on that day.

18 points, 2 assists, 2 steals. His favorite 3 points were 11 hits and 5 successes, and the success rate was high. Two days later, in the match against Chinese Taipei, which won 89-49, the probability of 3 points was 2 out of 9, but the team scored 17 points, the most. It can be said that he left an impact in that he was the first full-time national team and did not hesitate to put on the Hinomaru and marked the highest score of the team in both races.

After making his debut as a Japanese national team, Tominaga said, “I think I’ve finally become a five-man national team since the U18 national team, and I think I’ve finally made it to this stage. , I want to practice more teams there and strengthen Japan from here. “

However, as supplementary information, Chinese Taipei was challenging with a lineup that could be called B representative. There were many young players in Japan as well, but Chinese Taipei is a younger team with a short career as a representative, and two people including a naturalized player showed a corona positive reaction and could not go to Australia just before departure, so two people in the field as well. Because of the positive result of, the four people were fighting without the main force. It is also true that the team made 16 missteps against such a subordinate opponent, and the probability of 3 points was sluggish at 27.9%, revealing anxiety factors. The men’s representative is now in the process of urgently establishing member selection and tactics.



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