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Kento Nakamura (Hiroshima), a rookie from Toyota Motor Corp., a professional baseball player, has been firing super-beautiful techniques in the outfield defense. Toyota Motor has produced many professional baseball players, including Nakamura. The main players are as follows.

◎ Pitcher
Ken Takahashi (former Hiroshima and others), Yuya Ando (former Hanshin), Chihiro Kaneko (Nippon-Ham Fighters), Kazuki Yoshimi (former Chunichi), Tomohisa Otani (former Lotte), Daisuke Sobue (Chunichi), Ryosuke Kuribayashi (Hiroshima) , Ryoma Tomiyama (Orix)

◎ Catcher
Atsuya Furuta (former Yakult), Takuya Kinoshita (Chunichi)

◎ Infielder
Sosuke Genda (Seibu), Yudai Fujioka (Lotte)

◎ Outfielder
Yosuke Hiraishi (former Rakuten), Takashi Ogino (Lotte), Sho Aranami (former DeNA)

Although it is not the “Kanban method” that is the basis of Toyota’s production, there is an image that a small number of elite and efficient professional players are being produced, but is there a unique mechanism? We asked Kazuki Yoshimi, who is from Toyota Motor Corporation, has built an era as an ace of Chunichi, and has been a technical advisor of the Toyota Motor Corporation baseball club since last year.

Ryoji Kuribayashi, the new king of the Central League last year
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90% of the members want to be professionals

── Entered a professional from Konko Osaka via Toyota Motor Corporation. Mr. Yoshimi, who became a pitcher representing the ball world, what kind of teaching did he receive when he was a member of society?

“In my case, I was rarely instructed about the throwing form. However, I had a habit of thrusting into the upper body, and I was aware of that, so I was conscious of throwing with the lower body taking the lead, and I asked the director and coach. I was asked to see if it was done well. “

──Are there many players aiming to become professionals?

“At the time of my enrollment, 90% of the members were aspiring to be professionals, and there were many players who were aiming to become professionals at the top of the draft. Toyota’s players had a physical foundation and body building for the first year. Under the guidance, I will handle the menu centered on running and core training. When I joined the team on the middle day, director Hiromitsu Ochiai said that “practice is hard”, but I was strengthening myself when I was a member of society. So I didn’t get confused when I was a professional. “



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