What will players of the Colombian women’s team do without the League? One will straighten hair

Even though the Colombian women’s soccer team reached the final of the America’s Cup, the country will not have a League in the second half of 2022. Such a situation has the players thinking in their pocket, because, as athletes, they live from their profession.

Most Colombian Finalists he is going to stay without playing football in the next six months and they will have to look for options to earn a living.

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That is the case of María Martínez, former player of La Equidad, who already has planned what he will do to earn. It will be linked to football, but not on the pitch.

She told Caracol Radio that she and her colleagues should always have a plan B to guarantee their salary. Hers is to go to the United States to train children in a personalized way.

“How sad that this year we cannot have the League, knowing that Colombian soccer is giving a lot. We can see it in the Copa América”, he said on the station.

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in that line is Daniela Tamayo, former player of Atlético Nacional, that he said on the radio frequency that he will return to his work in the world of beauty.

“I work in a straightening center when the League ends; [cuando] we ran out of contract, I’m always there. When the League comes back and comes out, I leave them, I go back and train, I’m in the League and when I’m out of contract again I’m straightening hair”.

A third player, Lizeth Moreno, will continue her studies in her second career. She is a communicator, and she regrets that the members of the finalist team from America, as professional players, have no guarantees, despite the fact that national entities have requested that the tournament be played.

He highlighted that as they have all dedicated their lives to football, they have been “adrift” and now they will have to see what they will do, because in their conditions it is not easy to find a job while they know of a new League, if there is one.


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