[Video]Tokiko Kato composes and writes the ale school song to Kiyoaki Kanzaki Nine, the second-place winner of the high school baseball Saga tournament. I’m looking forward to coming. “| Administration / Society | Saga Shimbun News

“I’m looking forward to the day when I can hear the school song under the sky and the day when I can meet everyone.”

School song presentation held by Tokiko Kato = October 19, 1998, Kanzaki Seimei High School in Kanzaki Town (at that time)

Singer Tokiko Kato sent a message to the Saga Shimbun for the Kiyoaki Kanzaki baseball club, who lost to Arita in the final of the 104th National High School Baseball Championship Saga Tournament. Mr. Kato wrote and composed the school song for the school, and Nine, who fought openly in the first final, said, “The day will come when you can hear the school song under the sky, and the day when you can meet everyone. I’m looking forward to it. “

In 1998, the school song was asked by Mr. Katsuyuki Maeda, who was the principal at that time, to Mr. Kato about the relationship of his former student. It is a rock-like song based on lyrics solicited from students and the general public, and the school name is not intentionally incorporated as “a bright song that can be sung even after leaving school.”

He sang, “Now, the time is ticking, this time was given by chance / Now, this road leading to the sky where time is shining”, “Become a dream bird of a dream / Fly high and high in the sky” Singing the students flapping their wings into the future.

Kiyoaki Kanzaki advanced to the final by winning two extra times from Noseed at the high school baseball Saga tournament this summer. In the final, he lost to Arita Ko 2-3. It is said that Mr. Kato was paying attention when he heard Kiyoaki Kanzaki’s advance from fans in Saga prefecture.

In response to Mr. Kato’s message, director Fumito Takeuchi of the baseball club said, “It’s not the so-called” high school school song “, but the one and only school song that touches the hearts of the students. It is encouraging for the members. “

The valuable demo sound source that he infused at the time of producing the school song is released on the Saga Shimbun website. (Fumio Koga, Fukusa Nishiura)



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