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Participating school students interview athletes who participated in the national high school as a whole

Sagakita High School Men’s Basketball Club

The Sagakita High School Men’s Basketball Club achieved the feat of winning the prefectural tournament and advanced to the national tournament.

Kenta Ihara, the manager, said, “Our team has a complex that is shorter than other teams, but it has a speed that is superior to that. We make the best use of the speed that the team has, and practice before the game. I want to improve basic skills such as passing and dribbling, and aim for one win nationwide first. ” Even at the prefectural tournament, skillful pass turning and speedy game development against tall players were overwhelming.

Mr. Momii, an adviser, admired, “The complex of being short is usually regarded as negative, but this team is strong in working positively without worrying about such a straitjacket.”

This year’s Sagakita Men’s Basketball Club is also full of grains. Everyone has the potential to play a leading role. I’m looking forward to playing an active part in the whole country.

(Sentence, Kento Takakoshi = Broadcasting Department)

Starting on the 23rd in 5 prefectures such as Tokushima and Kagawa prefectures, the students of the participating schools interviewed the athletes who decided to participate from the prefecture to the whole national high school where high school athletes compete. A total of 37 pairs of men and women will be introduced as an initiative of the joint project “Media Teens Saga” by Saga Shimbun and high schools in the prefecture.

MEDIA TEENS SAGA(Media Teens Saga) Saga Shimbun’s efforts to support media club activities such as the broadcasting club and newspaper club of high schools in the prefecture. Articles, photographs, and videos that high school students have independently interviewed will be published on the paper and electronic version of the Saga Shimbun.


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