Victory of La Unión in the first National Final

The Union of Colón said goodbye to the locality with a triumph against Pico FC in extra time by 95 to 92. Frencia and Lavoratornuovo, both with 24 points, were the winner’s highlights.

The first quarter started out quiet, but it didn’t last long. Both teams entered for everything and made it known on the court. The Union stepped a little stronger, managing to close it up 18-14. The second part would be a little more of the same, but with greater intensity. Defensively speaking, the two showed good passing and intensity throughout the game to unsettle the other. La Unión stayed ahead by a tiny difference of 36-32 to go to rest quietly.

Around halftime, it was possible to continue appreciating on the field the same game that the local had been proposing. A lot in defense and the same in attack, despite the fact that they had missed several shots. Pico, for his part, worked from behind on the board, giving Rojo no respite, who would also close the third period up 57-53. The last quarter had that share of nervousness and doubt for both teams. La Unión, who had been trusting in his work, and Pico, who worked from below to surprise the host. In the final minutes, and with a fourth period for the infarction, those led by Germanetto hit the Red, imposing a tie at 85 that forced extra time.

The Union paid dearly for its mistakes, lack of effectiveness and defensive mistakes. Pico added a quota of illusion to fight the divided balls until the last. However, Guastavino’s men knew how to get back on track and vindicate themselves on the field to celebrate an agonizing 95-92 victory in the first game of the series against the Pampeans.

The series led by La Unión moves to General Pico on Tuesday, where the people from Entre Ríos will seek to close it, but Pico will also bet on the warmth of his house to add one more life.

The “Carlos Jose Delasoie” Stadium was full, ready to experience a great final. The same is expected from Parque Ángel Larrea de Pico, where the last game(s) of the season will be played between the two promoted teams.


La Unión 95: Conti 1, Diaz 12, Frencia 24, Lavoratornuovo 24, Pazzarelli 2 (FI), Bilat 13, Marcon 11, Sigel 8. DT: M. Guastavino

Peak FC 92: Rossi 12, Eberhardt 20, Bualo A. 23, Piuma 8, Del Ponte 5 (FI), Cottages 12, Allier 2, Scallop, Bualo F. DT: M. Germanetto

Partials: 18-14, (18-18) 36-32, (21-21) 57-53, (28-32) 85-85, (10-7) 95-92.

Stadium: “Carlos José Delasoie”.

Referees: Morales Ibarra, Monti and Meza.



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