Unusual, Wimbledon > Vajda (former coach of Djokovic, now with Molcan): “I said to Novak: ‘My God, you are crazy, you are incredible’. He gives me tactics against himself”

The legendary former coach of Novak Djokovic, Marian Vajda, now alongside Alex Molcan (qualified for the 3e round of Wimbledon), answered a few questions from Tennis Majors. The Slovak coach tells an anecdote after Nole’s victory in three sets against his new foal at 2e round of Roland-Garros a few weeks ago.

“I sent a message to Novak to congratulate him. He had a very good game. I told him that Alex was improving, he agreed and said to me: “He should have attacked my second serve more”. And I said to him: “My God, you are crazy, you are incredible”. He gives me tactics against himself, hahaha. It was very nice of him to give me advice on how to improve Alex’s game. He helped me better understand Alex’s game. It’s difficult to play against Novak and to participate in a tournament where Novak is present. I still support him and want him to win Wimbledon. »

A new statement revealing the character of Novak Djokovic, always benevolent towards his colleagues on the circuit.



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