Twelve years without tennis. The coach of the WTA stars heard the punishment

Wenders worked in various capacities with elite WTA Tour players, including Grand Slam champion Jelena Ostapenko and current world number two Anett Kontaveit. At one time he was also the partner of the American Sofia Keninová.

According to the ITIA, one of his transgressions was a violation of the rule that “no person moving in tennis may directly or indirectly help a player not perform at his best”.

“I am disappointed by the decision. In addition, ITIA’s explanation contains a number of inaccuracies that I want to have corrected. I will not comment further on the case, I will only note that I have not been punished for influencing any matches and the decision concerns events from 2018 and 2019,” Wenders wrote to the Canadian website OpenCourt .

The sentence was handed down last April, but the verdict was only published after an appeal by Wenders’ legal team. He is not allowed to work in tennis until 2033.



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