TUDN commentators and their monumental frenzy prior to a Super Bowl

In recent times, podcasts have become a space to learn more about the lives of personalities and this time an anecdote of two famous Mexican commentators came to light prior to a Super Bowl.

During the ‘Amigos’ program, hosted by Antonio de Valdés, Enrique Burak and Pepe Segarra, they had Luis Alberto Martínez, better known as ‘El Furby’, as a guest to talk about his career and hear some anecdotes.

The commentator who recently left TUDN, recounted some moments that he lived next to the three drivers during coverage of certain events such as the NFL or Major Leagues, but one that he especially remembers was before Super Bowl XLVII when the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens played.

They said that for this Super Bowl “Furby” and Pepe Segarra had a day off, so they decided to listen to jazz and have a few drinks, but over time it became what they described as “a monumental fart.”

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“Having Friday off we said ‘now is when’ and Pepe wanted to hear good jazz, so we went from place to place,” Martinez said. On the other hand, Segarra stated that they had no pressure at all, so they decided to have a little fun.

“They recommended a street to us, which is not Bourbon Street, where there were very good bars and live music. We went there and returned around 8 in the morning the next day. We spent the whole morning touring bars, drinking whiskey from place to place. The travel expenses were worth nothing to us, it was about having a good time”.



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