Trélissac found the grounds

During a session led by coach Hervé Loubat, supported by his staff made up of Valentin Dumont (assistant), Nicolas Dorbec (goalkeeping coach) and Théo Faugeras (physical trainer), the players had a start-up session : “We wanted to make a quiet recovery, with twenty-five minutes of racing and a lot of contact with the ball”, explains the trélissacois coach.

The TFC will increase in intensity throughout the week.

Michel Faure

“We didn’t want a bling-bling recruitment, it’s not the image of the club, nor that of the president or mine”

Pre-season physical work will start from the week of July 4: “We will increase in intensity from Tuesday and next Wednesday [NDLR : 5 et 6 juillet] to prepare for our meeting on Saturday [9 juillet, à 19 heures à Firmin-Daudou] against the Girondins of Bordeaux. “The holding of this meeting will still depend on the verdict of the appeal committee of the National Directorate of Management Control (DNCG) on Tuesday 5, concerning the situation of the Bordeaux club.

“Provide more play”

“We are going to increase in volume, indicates Loubat. And also do some tactical work. The most important thing will be to create a group spirit to get through the season, which will be difficult. “With four exceptions (including Adama Diakité who is playing in the CAN final in the Créteil districts), the coach was able to count on his entire workforce, including seven recruits: “We didn’t want a bling-bling recruitment, it wasn’t is not the image of the club, nor that of the president or mine. We wanted experience, technicality, power and speed. »

Recruitment should be completed with the arrival of an attacker. Two players will be on trial these days. Among these recruits, midfielder Landry N’Kulu was present and is gradually making his mark at Trélissac: “I knew the club by name and I had played for two years with Thibault Hamel. It was he who suggested me to the coach, he thought I had the profile for the possession game. Things happened very quickly. I feel good in this group, there is experience and youth. »

In addition to the recruits, seven club players have joined the workforce: “We also brought up kids from the club, explains Loubat. I’m into what I love. The results will determine if we are right. I wanted to bring another football, less stereotyped, than last year. We want to finish at least 10th by offering more play.”



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