Transfers FC Barcelona | Müller pronounces on Lewandowski’s departure: “There were good reasons”

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The Bayern Munich striker spoke about his strike partner for eight years in an interview at BILD am SONNTAG.

“Our objective has to be that we don’t sit here in six months and say: we lack a goal, we have a problem”

It is evident that with Lewandowski Bayern’s top scorer in recent years is leaving. The Bavarian team faces a new stage if their reference in attack and the rest of the players will have to take a step forward to reinvent themselves. As did Barça without Messi. The last to speak about the departure of the Polish striker was Thomas Müllerhis great ally in Munich, in an interview for BILD am SONNTAG.

“All parties decided that Lewy should leave the club,” explained Müller, “There were good reasons for it; but, without a doubt, we don’t know what to expect when a player who has always scored between 30 and 50 goals per season is no longer with us on the pitch”. “pass the ball to Lewy“; “There was no plan to always play for him, but when you know you have a striker like that, you do it. Now things will change and it will be exciting to see how our attack develops.”

“We are not going to play with ten”

Aware of how sensitive the loss of the Pole is, Müller He wanted to make it clear that “our objective has to be that we don’t sit here in six months and say: we lack a goal, we have a problem”.

And he added: “We are not going to play with ten simply because Lewy he went. Now there will be chances and scoring chances for other players. Maybe we scored less, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be successful as a team. For example, Mario Mandzukic replaced Mario Gomez in 2012. Mandzukic did not get the records he had Gómezbut we won the treble and were unbeatable as a team.”

a special connection

That the link between Lewandowski y Müller about the green was exceptional is known to all. The German, about it, recognized that “we had a special connection in the field”, but that “It was something that developed, it didn’t come up immediately when he arrived from Dortmund.we worked on it, at every moment we knew where the other was”.

Will you be able to establish a similar connection with mane? “Things can work out between us, but it’s too early to tell”replied the German, “Sadio he’s a good guy, this is known, he smiles a lot, he’s very nice, he feels comfortable with us and he knows the region well, he was in Salzburg.” Only time will tell.



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