Transfer market | Braithwaite’s demands to leave Barça

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Martin Braithwaite only accepts a departure if it is to a level club in England or Spain

He has two more years left on his contract and, after having a hard time reaching the elite, he does not want to take a step back

Martin Braithwaite is one of those discarded by Xavi Hernández What will it cost for them to leave the club? The striker has very clear ideas and a defined position. He has two seasons left on his contract. and to leave Barça, a really interesting proposal must come to him.

Braithwaite arrived from Leganés after a race for teams like Middlesbrough, el Girondins o el Toulouse. An injury to Luis Suárez opened the doors of the Barça in the 2020 winter market and he is still savoring the unexpected step in his career.

The striker wants to stay in the front line and, if he doesn’t play for Barça, he wants to continue at the highest level in a team in the Spanish League or the Premier League, as a preference. His name sounded months ago for Sevilla, for example, which would be a type of club that he would agree to leave. Going back to a team from the bottom of the table does not appeal to him and, in addition, it would be difficult for a club of this style to be able to cope with his salary.

Braithwaite has not been nervous about Xavi’s decision not to call him up for the American tour and is still waiting for offers. The two years of his contract that still remain give him peace of mind. The pressure is above all for Barça, which must have too many chips and have to get rid of players after the latest additions.

Despite the fact that there is a World Cup in between and Braithwaite is a fixture for Denmarkthe player will not change his position and, if at the end of the market, nothing seduces him, does not rule out his continuity in Barcelona. A decision that would compromise the club a lot, especially to be able to register all its players.



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