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The City Council of San Sebastián de La Gomera takes stock of the two sports campuses that took place in the month of July this summer 2022. Between the Javi Beirán Campus and the UD Las Palmas Campus, they met in the capital of La Gomera around of 700 boys, girls and young people from all over the Canary archipelago. A figure that positively qualifies this balance, and that glimpses a promising future for the realization of new campuses in the Colombian capital.

This is stated by the mayor of the municipality, Adasat Reyes Herrera, who celebrates the success achieved in this summer period with the two summer sports camps carried out. “It is a great satisfaction to see how grassroots sports, in this case basketball and soccer, are practiced and promoted in the municipality, from an early age. I have had the opportunity to share with the campers, which has allowed me to demonstrate the illusion and enthusiasm with which the campuses are welcomed”, details the mayor.

At the same time, Reyes thanks all the personnel involved in making these activities flawless, from the Department of Sports of the San Sebastián de La Gomera City Council, the organizing companies, monitors, staff of the School Residence, high-level athletes renowned guests, such as Javier Beiran, Javier Valeiras, Lolo Calín, Maite Cazorla, and Francisco Ortiz ‘Paquito’, who made an appearance and transmitted to the minors the values ​​and life habits that they have applied to achieve success.

For his part, the Councilor for Sports Libertad Ramos Armas adds that “the results obtained are the result of coordinated work between the entities involved.” For this reason, he states that “we will continue working along the same lines, and even better, to obtain better results. Because from the Department of Sports of the City Council we work for a municipality active in healthy lifestyle habits, with the practice of sport, in its different disciplines. Proof of this are the multiple sports activities that are offered this summer. Including the Sailing School that will start shortly”.

Sports activities of the summer program ‘San Sebastian is more’ 2022
Locals and visitors to the capital municipality can practice and enjoy different beach sports for free, such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach paddle tennis, petanque, badminton, 3×3 basketball, duni, ultimate frissbee and orienteering races. All in San Sebastián Beach and with the attention of a socio-cultural entertainer in the morning.

In addition, in the Youth Center (Blue House), multiple table sports are also available, such as chess, pin pon, foosball, Parcheesi and puzzles. And the respective tournaments corresponding to each sports discipline will be held as usual.



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