Top 5 News: David Jordan’s New Nickname, Top Players Victims of Apriyani/Fadia

Indonesian boxer Daud Jordan defeated Thai boxer Panya Uthok in the 6th round at Balai Sarbini, Jakarta, Friday (01/07/22).

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1. David Jordan Changes Nickname

Daud Jordan recently announced that he had changed his nickname after defeating Panya Uthok in a boxing match.

Daud Jordan succeeded in defeating boxer from Thailand, Panya Uthok in the MPRO Evolution Fight Series match, Friday (01/07/22).

One thing that is interesting beyond the victory of Daud Jordan against Panya Uthok. After the match, the boxer from West Kalimantan announced a new nickname for him.

During his career in the boxing scene, it is known that Daud Jordan was often called Cino, a nickname that came from his former coach.

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2. List of Victims of Apriyani/Fadia

Indonesian women’s doubles Apriyani Rahayu / Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti turned into monsters, even the world’s top women’s doubles became their victims.

In the quarter-finals of the Malaysia Open 2022, Apriyani/Fadia became a nightmare for the world’s number one women’s doubles, Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yifan.

With this victory, the Indonesian women’s doubles managed to secure a ticket to the semifinals of the Malaysia Open 2022.

They finally managed to win the match, as well as add to the collection of victims of Apriyani/Fadia’s violence. Anyone?

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