Three-player basketball “3×3” U23 men’s and women’s representatives from Japan to participate in “3×3 Nations League 2022 Asia” have been decided –Basket Count | Basket Count

Boys join a mixed team of B-Leaguers and active college students

The Japan Basketball Association has announced the 3×3 U23 Japan Men’s and Women’s National Team, which will participate in the three-player basketball “3×3 Nations League 2022 Asia” that will open in Penang, Malaysia from today.

“3×3 Nations League 2022 Asia” will be held from July 25th to 31st, with 6 countries including Japan, China, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia participating. In this tournament, each day will be 1 Stop (term) during the period, and 6 terms from Stop 1 to 6 will be held. Each stop will be divided into 3 teams x 2 pools, and each pool will have a round-robin qualifying round, and the teams with the highest results in each pool will play the final to determine the ranking.

Men’s Representative
0 Ryo Satohara (F / 192cm97kg / Hiroshima Dragonfly)
1 King open (G / 184cm 83kg / Yokohama B-Corsairs)
3 Watanabe Ryu (F/192cm86kg/Central University)
4 Takumi Masuko (G / 183cm76kg / Takushoku University)
34 Mitani Kesira (F/191cm90kg/ University of Tsukuba)

Women’s Representative
2 Ririka Okuyama (F / 180cm72kg / ENEOS Sunflowers)
6 Norika Konno (G / 179cm66kg / University of Louisville)
10 Tateyama Moe Vegetables (F/177cm72kg/Hakuo University)
14 Karin Imori (F / 179cm66kg / Tokyo Health Care University)
31 Mayu Kubota (G / 169cm 63kg / Toin University of Yokohama)

In this tournament, 4 entry members will be registered for each stop, and all players will participate in the tournament within 6 stops.



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